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Hello World!!

Welcome to our “new and improved” website.  We are excited about our new home in cyberspace.  This new site is designed to do TWO things – First, we want to educate potential customers about the benefits of using Mobile Attic Portable Self Storage and Second, we want to help our exisiting customers manage their accounts more effectively.

We would love to hear your suggestions about how we can use this website to better meet needs.



About Michael Ruguleiski

Based out of Columbia, SC, Michael has established himself as an expert in the Portable Storage and moving field with more than 8 years experience. Drop him a line with any questions at michael@mobileattic.net. Google+

2 Responses to Hello World!!

  1. Would like to know more info on your delivery process if I want it moved to another state? Could not find any information on the sit regarding that.

    • We deliver the container to your home or office and you are able to store for as long as you need to portable storage “attic”. As far as moving to a different state, call us at 877-423-2055 and we will work with you to find the best solution. We primarily service the South East US, but will often be able to find a solution to service other areas. Thanks, Jeff

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