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Keep your Spirits up During the Holiday Move!

So, you’ve taken up the monumental task of moving in the holiday season. Don’t let the boxes and the new scene put a damper on your Christmas spirit, because it’s all a state of mind. All hippy-ness aside, the steps you take toward brightening up the holiday atmosphere will do wonders for your friends and family, who may be stressed because of the transition. The key is to be thoughtful and compassionate, just as Saint Nick recommends. With a little help, this holiday might be not just one of your biggest moments but also one of your best memories. Here are some tips to maintain that jolly spirit through your holiday move!

  • Become the weather guru! During the weeks before and during your move, anyone should be able to ask you about the weather or the traffic and you will give them a detailed overview based on various counties and meteorological perspectives because you just researched that junk 10 seconds ago. And 10 seconds before that and 10 seconds before that… and so on. The key is familiarizing yourself with your local news app and checking the weather! Freezing cold rain spells seem all too common these days in the Palmetto state and they could be quite the hindrance during your move. The first step to creating a holiday atmosphere is to make sure everything has the freedom to run smoothly!
  • Put up decorations that can move with you. If it’s just wrapping a few boxes with lights and garlands during the transition, maintaining decoration during the move will go a long way to making others feel comfortable and grounded during the chaos. I dare you to stare at a collection of Christmas lights and not feel warm-hearted. It just isn’t possible. You can go so far as to wrap lights around your Mobile Attic Container (if you do, please send us your pictures), showing the entire neighborhood that you are strong, balanced individual that can juggle a move and the hidden ferocity of the holidays.
  • Consider eating out. Trying to coordinate meals during a move is already difficult as your pots and plates sit sealed up in the living room. You can make this holiday season a bit more memorable by inviting your friends and family to eat out with you over the course of the move. You can reenact the scene in “A Christmas Story” where the Parkers go to a Chinese restaurant for their Christmas meal.
  • Play some music that lifts everyone’s spirits! My mother would play Christmas music throughout the house starting the day after Thanksgiving all the way up to the 25th. I may have been annoyed by how repetitive it was, but it was a time of low stress (granted, I was a kid with no responsibilities during winter break, just weeks before Christmas). Music is a holiday no brainer! We listen to music to make us feel emotions deeply and to pump us up, so why not apply that same psychotherapy in the form of holiday audible magic? You don’t have to stop there, of course. Reward your family after a long day of packing with an old Christmas movie (preferably “The Year without a Santa Claus,” because it is an undeniable masterpiece.

However you choose to celebrate the holiday season, the important thing to remember the happiness of others. Embody that adage about how you should be the change you want to see. If, around you, there is stress and chaos because of the move, lift everyone’s spirits and you may be surprised by how much the cheer is reciprocated.

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