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Moving in a Downpour

The Palmetto State has caught a bad case of the cold and rainy, which may make an already complicated move that much more difficult to handle. Light drizzles are one thing, but for the past week rain has come down in buckets to the delight of plants and natural water sources. Unfortunately, this is more of an inconvenience to us. Sometimes, you may be pushed to move in not-so-ideal conditions. For those moments, allow me to share some tips on successfully moving during a downpour. Zip up the jacket and heat up some cider in the crock pot. You may very well need it.

  • First, get over the stigma of being in the rain. There is a common misconception that exposure to the rain for longer periods of time could promote sickness, but this isn’t the case. During times that are cold and rainy, people are more likely to stay indoors huddled together around a source of warmth. Because of the proximity, germs spread easily and quickly, creating the illusion that the weather is interfering with our immunity.
  • Place old or soon-to-be-washed towels at entry ways and inside the Mobile Attic portable storage unit. This will help keep your insides clean from dirt and leaves, but it will also cut down or prevent slipping accidents. You may also want to think about placing towels at the bottom of your boxes. If, for some reason, the box was to get wet or was to be placed in water, the towel would absorb the water at the bottom and prevent your belongings from sitting in the moisture.
  • Cover your furniture with plastic. This protects your furniture from the water directly (which could cause discoloration or warping) but it also keeps moisture from building up during your move. The Mobile Attic portable storage unit is made from aluminum and steel, so any moisture inside the container was brought in with the items. The plastic ensures that the humidity level inside your unit stays to a minimum. As a bonus, the units are thoroughly leak tested and checked before delivery to your home.
  • It doesn’t matter if you run or walk. The world is an interesting place. In seems like a common observation that if you run really quickly through the rain, you will actually be more dry than if you walked gracefully through the cold, wetness. This is not actually the case. Because you are moving horizontally as it moves vertically, as you run, you are colliding with more water droplets that would be falling on your head if you were walking. In this way (whether you speed through your move or take it slow), you are going to hit by the same number of rain drops. For the safety of everyone, it just makes more sense to take things slow as haste can create mistakes and slips.
  • Set up an assembly line. Construct a line of helpers all the way to the Mobile Attic storage unit so that boxes can be easily and efficiently passed to storage without ever touching the ground. This also cuts down on the chance of slipping because the movers are stationary. Think about equipping the outside folks with ponchos for extra rain protection.

It may look like the end of the world outside, but you are capable of managing it with ease! The Mobile Attic, as always, is here to help you with a simple and convenient moving experience!

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