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Post-Christmas Storage Adventure

The new year brings new opportunities, which may come in the form of a new diet, a different hobby that you pick up, or a storage venture with the Mobile Attic portable storage. Deny it if you like but almost everyone has something to put into storage. This time of the year has the mind tuned to its belongings, but with more stuff and less space, those things that brought you so much joy on the 25th are just generating more stress and frustration. Worry not, because the Mobile Attic is here (equipped with our standard 16’ container and our elegant 19’) to provide you with a simple storage option without having to deal with traditional storage companies and their variable pricing. On top of that, because home is where the heart is (and the frozen pizza), the storage container gives you the convenience of never having to leave your abode. Who wants to do all that driving after the holidays anyway? To get your mind in gear (thinking about all the storage possibilities), I’ve made a list of some ideas that may prompt your next Mobile Attic venture!

  • Store all that Christmas stuff! Wouldn’t you like to take ownership of your attic once again from the knee-deep pool of plastic Douglas fir needles and the chattering boxes of three-hundred bright red ornaments? Wouldn’t you like to justify that purchase of endless spools of multi-colored lights that dance and flash to “Jingle Bell Rock” and that animatronic Santa that says Merry Christmas in 10 languages (including Swahili and Korean)? With the Mobile Attic storage unit, you can just pack all that stuff in the container and forget about it for 360 more days. For added effect against holiday oversaturation, we can pick that container up and place it at our facility so you don’t have to dedicate any thought at all to those random lawn ornaments. Your attic (and the structural integrity of your home) will thank you.
  • Contain all the holiday loot! We all like getting things, but sometimes that getting can be too much. As we accumulate gift after quirky and obscure gift, old items wear out and sit, stagnating and poisoning that beautiful stylistic flow that you had going on once (you can’t tell me that the TV placement wasn’t feng shui). You may not be ready to get rid of all that stuff right now, but it certainly would be convenient if you could box it all up and have it sent away until you needed it again. Enter the Mobile Attic portable storage unit. That wood container was really just taking up space in your living room that could better be used as an action area for your virtual reality console. On second thought, you could just gut an entire bedroom and transform it into your entertainment heaven forged from the gifts you received and the sweat that you toiled for.
  • Resolve to remodel! It’s usually a really bad idea to make New Years resolutions. The graveyard of New Year’s past is filled with diet plans, brochures for vacations, and billions of applications for random art classes. Despite this, considering some DIY remodeling could fill you with a sense of empowerment and give you a different setting for a different and better year. Also, if you halfway complete this resolution, your house will just look bad, so more incentive to follow through! No matter what, Mobile Attic is available to get a container out to you to store your belongings in the meantime.

Start the New Year off with change in mind and portable storage on the horizon! With Mobile Attic, 2017 may turn out to be your year.

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