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An Emotionally Stable Decluttering Project

The day that you put your house on the market is approaching. All those bitter-sweet emotions are interrupted when you hear your Realtor not-so-subtly hint at the words “your house has too much stuff.” Too much? This is only the stockpile of things that create the very image of you (as long as you disregard the pile of year-old newspapers. That’s not you at all). Removing some of that stuff feels like removing a chunk of your heart. The process of decluttering a home is physically as well as emotionally demanding; with the loss of these items playing into those complicated feelings that come when selling your home. While you may have no trouble at all parting with that armoire that your grandparents unloaded on you when they moved to Myrtle Beach, there is, understandably, resistance to distancing yourself from your things. I have compiled a list of small steps that can get you pointed in the right direction mentally. By starting small, your decluttering adventure could leave you feeling richer.

  • Remove excessive tools or supplies! Open that drawer next to the stove and gaze at the huge collection of Allen wrenches that you have collected over the years. You could probably smelt them all down and create a family suit of armor that will be passed down to your first born, and to their first born, and so on. If you don’t have that kind of metal working expertise, it would probably be a safe bet to recycle them. In fact, there are probably so many tools around the house that you rarely, if ever, use. Additionally, you may have an abundance of cups or utensils that could probably be disposed of or given away. Removing such small items may not put a huge dent in the decluttering project, but the organization may help organize your thoughts and fewer items means fewer items to pack and secure.
  • Consider tossing the old tech! I was the kind of person that would buy an all new printer instead of paying the ridiculous prices for ink cartridges. Thus, I would have elderly printers peeking out at me from the closet and from under the bed moaning out to me, “Josh, why couldn’t you have just purchased ink cartridges at a discount on the internet instead of leaving us to soak up dust bunnies and lounge on that hard carpet. It’s so rigid because it doesn’t get stepped on while it’s under a bed, so the fibers don’t stretch as much. Its uncomfortable.” The decluttering project gives you an excuse to donate all that retirement age tech or at least recycle it. This is also the time when you remember that scanners used to be sold all by themselves, not attached to a copier or a printer. Weird.
  • Donate some of that extra clothing! This might be an easier practice if you have children who grow out of their old clothes, but plenty of people have an excessive collection of clothing that never see the air outside of that closet. It is one of those things that you don’t really think about until you are packing up on the last day, then realize that organizing, packing and transporting all that clothing is a much more daunting task than initially considered. By removing some of those clothes while you are decluttering, you are saving yourself a major headache in the future. Plus, you get to inspire some discount clothes shopper with your unique yet exquisite taste in style.
  • Practice some compassion while decluttering! During a time like this it’s easy to fall into the habits of the self; holding onto your old things with a steady anxiety while your mind tells you that the decluttering efforts are in your best interest. Try to give away one of your unnecessary possessions each day to cut down on the number of items going to the new home, while also cultivating the kind of selflessness that comes with removing your attachment to material items. At the same time, you could improve your relationship with you neighbors to leave a lasting positive impression after you leave. At the very least, it helps you out and makes you feel great.

Keep these tips in mind as you start to declutter your home. Of course, there are some items that may be too clunky but are far too precious to part with. In cases like these, the Mobile Attic is more than happy to help! We can drop a container off at your property and bring it back to our place for storage. Out of temporary sight, out of temporary mind.

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