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Fighting the Rainy Move Blues

The rain; it makes us sleepy or dreary, but happens to be a miracle for the plant-life. What I’m getting at is that it’s all a frame of mind. Instead of seeing it as the end of days, firmament-piercing floods that comes to wreak havoc on your outdoor activities, cozy up with some rom-coms, enjoy the drops hitting the roof, and thank the stars that we don’t build our shelters out of mud and hay anymore. In the same way, rain doesn’t have to ruin your move in day; it certainly is a setback, but with some adjustment, you can get everything loaded and moved in record time! If possible, try to reschedule the day designated for packing (with portable storage, you can do it on your own time; something to think about!). Because we don’t live in a future with awesome weather machines or a world with magical rain dances, your humble blog writer is here with some advice for that short notice, rain move! First thing I would do in situations like this is brew a pot of coffee. The relationship between rain and warm beverages is a legendary one, much like the companionship between peanut butter and banana, or Danny DeVito and crazy acting roles. Put that rain jacket on (preferably a yellow one with an oversized hat) and fill up this thermos; let’s get stuff done!

Prepping your stuff! If you are using a Mobile Attic portable storage, those things are rigorously tested like a six-year student getting ready for the GRE. Leakage is no worry, and the construction will keep your stuff protected, but what about getting all the stuff into the container? You may assume that cardboard is in danger in such a downpour, but that junk is durable (just ask my life-size Dalek that I built using shipping boxes. I was a nerd). What you need to be concerned with is the box breaking at the seams, but this can be solved by reinforcing the packing tape with duct tape. I mean, they use that stuff on ducks and they live in the water, right? Clothing that is on hangers could be in more danger, but I do have a trick that will save you time and money: place a trash bag over a group of clothes (still on the hangers) and tie the opening around the hooks. This will keep the clothing together, but will also protect it from the rain. For other sensitive items, plastic wrap will do the job. Make sure to mark boxes that shouldn’t be wet.

Prepping yourself! The first step to making sure that you are ready for your rainy move in is to get your spirits up. The rain can make you feel lethargic and depressed, and this is not a productive mood to have. Make a thing out of the experience with your coffee, maybe order a pizza, or reward yourself with that rom-com at the halfway point. Whatever you do, make sure that you and your team are optimistic about the time crunch. Additionally, everyone should be dressed and ready for action. You don’t have to be in full out scuba gear (I guess it really depends where your house is located), but at the very least wear proper footwear because slipping is a real danger. Rain boots or all-weather sneakers are the best, especially when traversing different types of terrain constantly. Another idea is to create an assembly line to the container: if you have individuals that came with thicker coats or if they don’t mind the rain as much, have them stand near the container as others pass the belongings down like an assembly line. This will seriously reduce the risk of slipping and it will make the process go much faster.

Prepping the new place! You are in the home stretch, maybe literally. There isn’t much you need to do in this process to prep your new home, but some minor things can go a long way to help with your move in. Make sure to put some towels or rugs down so that you don’t track water or mud throughout the new place. It may be a good idea to put out some blankets in a spot designated for items that have gotten a little more wet than others. This is good for organization as well. Placing towels around walls and on molding will protect them from scuffing; it can be really easy to fall into carelessness with the objects when you are concerned with slipping on puddles. Don’t believe all those superstitions about moving in the rain; it is all what you make it and, with the Mobile Attic, we’ll make it nothing short of awesome.

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