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Helpful Tips for Moving and Moving Fast!

I understand that sometimes you must move and move quickly. It may be because your house sold faster than you thought it would, or you want to get into the new place pronto. Maybe you saw a UFO and, instead of keeping quiet like the men in black told you, you posted enough status updates to keep conspiracy theorist occupied for the next ten years (though this probably isn’t impressive in and of itself). No matter the reason, you are in desperate need of some tips that will help relieve that stress, amplified by the time crunch. It might be helpful to know that Mobile Attic is on your side and we can typically get a container to you in just 24 to 48 hours depending on your location and our schedule! You can try tapping into your psychic powers so that you can potentially freeze time, or you can grow a beard, shave your existing one, dye your hair a different color and get some thick frames before you pull a Flash and read the following ideas for a quick last minute move!

Pack like a gold medalist! Well, duh. You’re supposed to pack quickly, you may be shouting into the monitor. A gold medalist doesn’t just work for speed, but for clear mindfulness and technique. Use towels for items that may break, that way you kill two birds with one fly packing guy. It may also save you time if you put your clothing, folded or not so folded, into large plastic bags so that they can be easily transported in large quantities. If they are on hanger, place the bag stretched wide across a few pieces and tie the knot over the hooks. If it won’t be too heavy for you, keep your dressers drawers full and wrap some string around it to keep the items intact. Don’t try moving the whole piece of furniture with full drawers; remove each one and transport it like you’re moving a box! Practice moving with speed, but continue to be mindful of your actions so that you minimize mistakes. The easiest way to do this is to feel all your body as you pack and transport items so that you get an idea of the space you occupy. It sounds simple, but it is far too easy to fall into a mental tunnel where you think of nothing but the upcoming tasks and stresses. They aren’t here yet, but you are!

Construct a moving folder! If you are feeling extra official, you may even want to make a moving binder! The spirit of the whole enterprise will be inside this binder. Everything from quote information (with ours on top!) to contracts, to task and grocery lists; this is the central nervous system to the whole shebang. It is easy to lose these items during a regular move, but this risk builds tenfold if you are moving on short notice. You may be thinking it will be a bad idea to keep all the information in once place when the CIA comes knocking with transcripts from your Facebook page, but this situation calls for a bit more vigilance on your part. Keep an eye on it like the flying saucers are keeping an eye on you!

Trash your stuff! Take some of those extra clothes down to the local Goodwill or give them to your rapidly growing nieces and nephews. Those obscure tennis cards from the 90s probably won’t be worth much in the next 30 or 40 years, but they certainly require a bit of power to move. Maybe your nieces and nephews are into those too. Declutter as you move, always staying fixed in that moving mode. This will help you from overthinking things and drawing on sentimental attachment (But those box tops are from last year and they’re purple. I love purple.). Have a healthy separation from the stuff that will just weight you down. You are not your stuff anyway! You’re the full package, champ, and you have this! Now you have room (and time) to move those other full packages.

Accept mentally that things will be a mess. All of those lifestyle websites will tell you that a cluttered anything is a cluttered mind. The brain reflects its surroundings, and it might sound crazy that it is so susceptible to this kind of thing, but it most certainly is. As a result, the messiness from the quick move may have you feeling troubled and anxious, and that is alright! The important thing is to acknowledge your feelings about the situation and understand (really understand) that the mess is necessary, but will disappear over time. Make piles of stuff that you will be moving together. From there, move stuff as you see it instead of spending all the time organizing and planning it out. Do it mindfully! It may help to move items one room at a time so that you see the progress (this can be somewhat therapeutic).

Don’t let the time crunch get you down! Mobile Attic is here to help with our quick delivery (and the containers are steel and aluminum, so the UFOs won’t be able to see inside).

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