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Putting the ‘Fun’ in Functional

Moving is rarely the fun or exciting part of your relocation quest. If life had a montage button, this would be one of the moments that you pressed it (then once more at the new place). Unfortunately, science is still in the early stages with that and, while your Mobile Attic portable storage unit will make your move so much more easy and convenient, the actual packing and moving of things can be less than enjoyable. The next generation may have limitless robot helpers that can assist with boxing and unboxing, but for us in the here and now, I have compiled a few interesting ideas that I think will help put a bit of grease on that packing wheel of fun.

  • Set up that packing playlist! With streaming services all over the place, I’m sure you have a collection of songs that get you motivated and in the mood to do all of those icky self-improvement things we’re committed to (though you also enjoy it in a different way. It’s a complicated relationship). Open that Spotify or Apple Music App and start loading up that new playlist (Mobile Attic Moving Jam Fest 2017, working title) before you begin loading physical stuff. The weeks before you’re move you can slowly add songs until you have a booming library of tracks that you can play as you pack (rhyming very much intentional). My recommendation is 50% power ballads so you can jump into a guitar solo that’ll bring the house down (but not literally because you’re probably selling it).
  • Use this time to eat a ton of take out! “But Josh,” says the reader of the Mobile Attic blog and that robot that works for google and looks over webpages, “doesn’t this message of ‘pigging out’ go against the message you kind of established in the last paragraph? The one about self-improvement?’ I suppose you are right, loyal reader/webpage drone. In a way, the message is conflicting, but the new year is about setting up habits that you carry with you forever. Ideally, you won’t be moving every day of your life, so we’ll let this tip slide. It can be a hassle trying to cook with all your stuff packed up. Not the mention, it might be an inconvenience trying to transport the half-used food that you bought while packing. I am all for any situation that lets me eat Chinese food every night with minimal outside criticism.
  • Throw a packing party! What’s the perfect way to make packing go by like nothing while also gathering some cheap labor to load up the portable storage unit? By Plugging that smartphone into your stereo with the packing playlist, setting out that cracker and cheese ensemble available in every grocery store, and rounding everything out with some heat-lamp cooked fried chicken, you have the makings of a fantastic going away/packing party! Invite some of your closest friends to see you off and share one last memory before you relocate. As a bonus, you may be able to pass off the refreshments (and your lovely company) as compensation for the effort!
  • Set up an indoor campsite! This tip is geared toward motivating kids during the move, but it can be enjoyed by adults as well! Just wait to pack up the blankets and cushions so that you can create an indoor tent in the wide-open space that is your nearly cleared-out home. Hit up that music streaming app one more time (with the nature sounds playlist on shuffle) and you have the perfect set up for an indoor night of camping! Bring in a big container of sweet and sour chicken as the spoils from the night’s hunt. The promise of this activity could put the kids on their best behavior and will also motivate them to do some packing alongside the grown-ups.

Packing and moving certainly isn’t the most fun thing to do in the world, but with a few tweaks it certainly doesn’t have to be the least. Buff out those inconveniences and stresses by using the Mobile Attic and you are setting yourself up for a simple and peaceful move!

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