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Quick Tips for the Thrifty Mover

Who said that moving had to be expensive? I mean, in transporting your things from one place to the next, you expect expenditure, but you shouldn’t be so overwhelmed with anxiety that you refuse to check your bank statements for the next three months (if you don’t look at it, the charges don’t exist!). Thankfully, we have a few solutions that will help steer you toward a reality where your wallet doesn’t hide, traumatized by the magnitude of it all. This means no drone packing services and no hiring that one moving company that employs a juggling bear and three magicians. Fortunately, you are on the right track to an easy budget move with the Mobile Attic, but we want to take it to the next level. Follow these simple tips and maybe you can start putting some of that extra cash away for that awesome beach vacation in the summer (or you can check in with the magicians to see if the bear is available for an hour).

Consider moving yourself! It may be tempting to hire a moving company that will load your belongings while you casually inspect the progress like a well-paid supervisor, but the process of packing and moving yourself can be incredibly rewarding. Like going back to the days when our great-great-great-grandparents loaded everything into a carriage and forged a path on the frontier with American spirit burning inside of them. Moving is a major life event. Wouldn’t it be that much more sweet if you could say you did it all yourself? The storage container will sit on your property and you can tend to it on your own time, so there’s no rush. This way, you can literally save hundreds over hiring professional movers and you can avoid scams that are, unfortunately, all too common. If you do decide to go with a moving company to load up the container, always go local!

Make use of your luggage bags! Packing products are one of those things that you just can’t get around. There is only so much you can carry around inside plastic bags before you think about swearing off the things and digging a pit for your trash so you’re never forced to look at one again (the feeling gets even worse after the first one rips on you). For items that you won’t be packing into boxes, think about using some of your luggage bags that are inevitably resting at the bottom of your closet. This way, you don’t have to load the bags up separately and you have easy access to some of your clothes and simple belongings for that in-between period where you are moved-in, but not really.

Move during the slow season! Moving companies start to wind down around winter, but the business quickly picks back up once the weather warms up and the kids get out of school. To save time (and, therefore, money) you may want to think about moving during the winter or early spring and coordinating it all to happen about midweek. This way, you can easily organize a schedule that works for the potential moving company as well as the other parts in this moving machine. Conducting the move now will also save you from the hassle of packing up and lugging around heavy boxes in the South Carolina heat. Additionally, you may be able to get special deals because it is the slow season for the moving industry.

Don’t waste money after the move! Once you are settled in and all tuckered out from the moving adventure, it can be tempting to eat out for every meal until you have the motivation to grocery shop. You may also want to start investing in some small repairs or adjustments, like some extra paint for the scuffs that you find on the walls. It is perfectly natural to be concerned about the state of your new home, and I would even suggest putting effort into the safety aspect of your home’s features. I also think it is a good idea to reward yourself with a night out after the entire affair, but the key is moderation. Plan to go to the grocery store early and, concerning all those spontaneous home repair ideas, budget it out over the next few months (if you can deal with the minor dings for that length of time). With a new home, you may also want to do things like upgrading your internet and cable packages, but really spend some time thinking about your needs. Contemplating these desires over a month or two will help you realize if they are logical or just driven by emotions.

As always, the Mobile Attic is here to help with cost effective solutions for a DIY move. Pack it up, and we’ll move it for you. Simple as that. The world of moving has been talked up as an expensive event, but it certainly doesn’t have to be.

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