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Upgrading your Den into 2017!

Shave off a few extra pounds? Yeah, who needs ‘em? What about curbing that nervous chewing gum habit? I guess you could switch to a less tasty brand. And growing just two more inches so you can be 6 foot tall? Unless you’re an astronaut celebrating the new year, that is just impossible, unfortunately. This is for all the earth-bound 2017-ers out there looking to this next spin around the sun with anxiety and hope. You are the kings and queens of the new years resolution (or it feels that way right now). If you are like me and have a healthy distrust of resolutions, you may be looking to something else that may fill that void. It is, after all, an inseparable part of the holiday season. Instead of caving to a Twinkie in two weeks, turn your attention toward resolutions that will make you feel empowered, like you are making a lasting impact on this generation. The option I am about to propose (if you couldn’t guess from the title) comes in the form of home upgrades. There is nothing like the pure, animalistic drive to guard and upgrade the den to an entertainment suite with a smart TV and a PA system that plays classical music that responds to your electronic mood ring. What were we talking about? Anyway, here are a few suggestions that may motivate you to make some home investments in 2017:

  • Get your den ready for next year’s hibernation! Living in Columbia in some of the older houses makes you realize that a boat load (a metric boat load, to be exact) of energy is wasted through the 3 billion cracks along every window and door. This is an extreme example, but there is always room for improvement for most homes. Getting the home professionally tested for leaks may be a costly in the short term, but will save you loads on the electric bill later. In the amazing world that is the future there have also been some awesome advancements in thermostats. I’m the kind of person that neglects my thermostat (and it certainly reflects in the bill), so I recommend smart thermostats to the over and under thinkers. It works from timers that correspond to your work week, setting the temperature appropriately for each situation.
  • Have your artistic vision realized with new lighting! What is the perfect complement to your new Iphone’s camera? Unbroken, 7 hour photoshoots in front of a full body mirror in your freshly lit home! Imagine all the likes you will get from the oh-so-flattering glow that the recessed lighting produces on your flawless skin in those profile pics. With the Mobile Attic Portable storage, you can turn what is the lighting equivalent of a shack with a flickering fluorescent light into a visual sonata that tickles your iris and hugs your pupils. Who needs actual Twinkies when you have junk food for the eyes (with virtually no calories).
  • Get rid of all that house bloat! Probably the least fun option from the entire list, but it may be the most fulfilling. Think of all the times that you stepped into that spare bedroom, the attic or the garage and thought about all that unnecessary stuff that would all be gone with a little elbow grease. There is a sudden anxiety that builds and multiplies each time you see the mess, leading to sleepless nights staring at the blueprints of your home, looking at what it was and what it could have been. Lucky for you, you can ditch all those belongings without getting rid of them completely with the Mobile Attic! Load the container up with your material baggage and, by extension, your emotional baggage. Start 2017 off with a fresh mind and a fresh home.

However you may decide to tackle the new year (and its pesky resolutions), the Mobile Attic has your back! Speak to one of our agents about onsite storage and you can make one of these improvements a reality!

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