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What Will Storage Facilities Be Like in 100 Years?

In an ideal world, everything would be quick and simple like portable storage. Television of the last century may have you fooled (because we don’t have intelligent, humanoid robots and we still live on the earth instead of in houses several miles into the sky), even though everyone was convinced the new millennia WAS the future (probably because of said television). We may not have flying cars and meal capsules as some futurists predicted, but we have made great strides in convenience. Isn’t that the underlying spirit of the future? All of this is a process; one that, if I may add, Mobile Attic excels in by providing the next step in the technological chain. With all this in mind, I have compiled a list of ways storage facilities will be different in the next century. The next group of millennials will probably look back with their time traveling tele-observers and laugh telepathically at my predictions (those three-eyed jerks), but science fiction is the mental groundwork for science fact! Anyway, send a parting nod to Nostradamus and prepare your apologizing letter to the robot overlords, because we’re diving into what I think storage will be like in the year 3017.

The process of renting a storage unit in the future wouldn’t require any sort of excessive work or driving around. If you aren’t one of those telepathic types, you will probably use your global search function augmentation (it lets you Google things in your brain) to find the phone number to a local storage unit provider. A simple call will patch you through to a representative that will explain how the entire process works. If you are willing to shell out the extra cash, they can have the storage device transported directly to your house using teleporters. If you are a bit more strapped, you can give the process 12 hours or so and it will be delivered by drone (now pretty much obsolete after tight FAA regulations and new technology).  The delivery is certainly fantastic, but it’s nothing compared to how the thing operates.

The convenience of the unit will blow you away! In the modern world, we are limited by things like land and square-footage. In the year 3017, The storage unit will resemble one of those pull-up bars that you stick in your doorway to show off your forearms to your significant other. With a simple passcode, the ‘pull-up bar’ storage unit will transform any old doorway into a portal that takes you to your storage area. Load things directly from the room that you are packing into the storage facility! If you are the traveling type, you can stick it in the doorway of your hotel and access anything you need to feel at home. You can even get your Earth stuff from your luxury resort on Mars.

Of course, there will be limitless space! Einstein would be proud of our future selves because, at some point over the next 50 to 100 years, we discover how to cheaply and efficiently transform energy into matter. The storage facility would be floating in the vastness of space, never to touch another object because of the sheer mathematical improbability. The unit itself is made from a serious of interlocking beams of light that crisscross to form a ‘light cage.’ Of course, you can’t step on this or store anything in it without the objects falling off into the void, but that’s when the energy to matter transformation is important! As soon as you activate the unit for the first time, the beams become hard like a cage, protecting your items while allowing you access! Any time you need more space, make some adjustments on the ‘pull-up bar’ and more light will be produced to accommodate.

You may not even have to load the container yourself! In the future, of course there are robots to help you pack and load up. You may be thinking to yourself, “Josh, but you said earlier that we should be writing an apology letter to the robots. Don’t tell me I just wasted the last 20 minutes gathering quotes and references for this masterpiece.” I’m sure the super intelligent robots DEMAND your apology, but the older ones with little to no artificial intelligence may still be there at your service. The ethics of this aside, the robots have all the strength and no-how to load up and operate the storage unit at the facility. At the same time, they’ll compile a list of homes (within budget) for your review while also washing your dog and doing your taxes. The future is awesome.

The ways of this future are a century off, but you can experience the innovation of futuristic storage today with the Mobile Attic! We may not be able to transport your storage unit using state-of-the-art teleportation technology, but we can get it out to you in just 24-hours (and, at the same time, you can meet one of our fantastic drivers). The future is a journey, and the Mobile Attic is the next step!


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