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7 WAYS a home PRE-inspection can speed up a home-sale!

home seller inspectionIn 85% or more of cases, a home-buyer will have a thorough home inspection performed before closing the sale on their new house. The reasons are obvious: The buyer wants to know if any issues lurk behind walls, in attics, or in the crawlspaces of their new dream home. More and more house-sellers, however, are opting to have their house inspected BEFORE it even goes on the market. Getting a “PRE”-inspection can offer huge advantages to the House-SELLER, and help the house SELL QUICKLY!

Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. A PRE- inspection can identify any potential problems with the  house EARLY. This allows the seller to seek multiple bids to fix the problems, rather than rushing to fix everything just days before a closing. The seller can get a better deal this way, saving REAL MONEY.
  2. A potential buyer may opt to rely on the seller’s inspection and decline to have it inspected themselves. This can dramatically speed up a closing date.
  3. Negotiations between buyers and sellers are streamlined with a PRE inspection. There are fewer issues on the table with an inspection “in hand”.
  4. Buyers have more confidence when looking at a house that has already been inspected. More confidence means  MORE OFFERS!
  5. The report generated by a PRE- inspection can contain many more positive elements than a typical, bland  inspection report. In effect, the report becomes an additional marketing tool, highlighting the unique features of the house.
  6. If there are issues found in a PRE-inspection, the seller can have repair quotes from reliable contractors printed out and ready, even stapling the quotes to the PRE- inspection report. This will mitigate any attempts by buyers to “lowball” excessively based on the condition of the house.
  7. Some home inspectors will use the PRE- inspection as a foundation to issue a 120-day home warranty FREE to the new home buyer.  This is a POWERFUL tool to help get the house to a closing date quickly!

Traditionally, it was the home-buyer that initiated a home inspection prior to closing. In the current market, home-sellers look for ANY advantage to sell the house at the best price possible. A home PRE- inspection, completed even before the house is listed, can be a powerful tool in closing the deal!

(Thanks to Jeff Donaldson at Ace Preferred Home Inspections! Visit them at http://www.acepreferredinspections.com/)

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