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Charleston Movers: Reason #4 – A Magic Eraser can help you get ready!

Moving out of an apartment or a house in or near Charleston, SC? Getting the house or apartment clean is KEY to getting your security deposit back or selling the house! You can get your floors clean as a whistle by going over the floor with a Magic Eraser. It’ll remove scuff marks and heelContinue Reading

Charleston Movers: Reason #3 why a Magic Eraser can help you clean up!

Ever have a rust stain on your bathtub from a rusty shaving cream can? Try a Magic Eraser, and it’ll come off instantly. When getting ready to move or sell your house in Charleston, SC (or anywhere else), a clean house is essential! Home-buyers are instantly turned off when they view a dirty house! Moving inContinue Reading

Charleston Movers: Here’s another way a Magic Eraser can get your house in order before moving

Here’s reason #2 a Magic Eraser can get your home ready for sale, or your aprtment ready for a move-out inspection! Stainless steel appliances can get dirty and stained over time. A quick once-over with a Magic Eraser can get that appliance looking brand new! Moving in Charleston, SC? Stay tuned for our next postContinue Reading

Charleston Movers: Here’s a way that a Magic Eraser can help sell your house!

Charleton movers, home-buyers and home-sellers can ALL benefit from a house that looks TOP NOTCH! Here are 7 ways you can spruce up that house using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (http://www.mrclean.com/en_US/magic-eraser.do). If you have ever used one of these, you know they can work miracles on tough stains! 1. Wall Scuffs – a MagicContinue Reading

7 WAYS a home PRE-inspection can speed up a home-sale!

In 85% or more of cases, a home-buyer will have a thorough home inspection performed before closing the sale on their new house. The reasons are obvious: The buyer wants to know if any issues lurk behind walls, in attics, or in the crawlspaces of their new dream home. More and more house-sellers, however, areContinue Reading

Charleston Movers – We are Charleston movers now! Part I

My wife and I are selling our house in Charleston SC and getting ready to move. Naturally, we will us a Mobile Attic Portable Storage Unit! I am thinking of the 8’ x 20’ Mobile Attic Unit. Our house is about 1600 square feet, so the 8’ x 16’ Mobile Attic Unit might be justContinue Reading

Movers Charleston SC – Full Service Moves Are The Best Money You’ve Ever spent!

We had a client moving furniture recently up in Pawley’s Island. Their condominium was on the 6th floor! One of the items was a 300 pound GLASS table top! And it would not fit in the elevator! Our client made a great decision: CALL THE PROFESSIONALS! There are many moving companies in the Charleston SCContinue Reading

Home Buyers, Sellers, and Residential Movers Benefit from Home-Staging in Charleston, SC

We   wanted to learn more about the home-staging process. Many of our customers are   using our portable self-storage containers to “de-clutter” and stage their   home for sale. Now, we’ve all seen the “Sell This House” show with Tanya Memme   and Roger Hazard (http://www.aetv.com/sell-this-house/ ) , but what about the reality of home-staging? What does itContinue Reading

Charleston SC Movers: Here’s a way for movers to save time and money

A lot of our Charleston, SC movers using our portable storage units to move tell us that one of the great things about portable containers is the ease with which they can be loaded and unloaded. Mobile Attic makes it super easy to load and unload with our Wardrobe Bar. This accessory allows Charleston SC movers to loadContinue Reading

Storage for Construction Job Sites in Charleston, SC

Mobile Attic portable storage containers are great for residential moving. But business and commercial customers also love our portable storage units! Any commercial, real estate, or construction job sites can benefit from on-site storage. In Charleston, we have been privileged to provide storage for Papa Murphy’s Pizza in West Ashley, HCR Manor Care in WestContinue Reading

Charleston’s Mobile Attic (Portable Storage) visits with Carolina One – Highway 17 North

We visited with the great folks at the Carolina One office in Mt Pleasant – Highway 17 North. We had a great meal (prepared by Tyler Mae’s). The office staff was busy preparing for their Halloween Kid’s Party. Carolina One Real Estate is the premier Agency in the Lowcountry, serving Goose Creek, Isle of Palms,Continue Reading

Charleston’s Mobile Attic Portable Storage participates in 4th Annual D@$MMIT Ball Tournament

When we aren’t delivering portable containers to movers, renovators, and those just needing a storage unit, we have fun on the beach playing in the D@$MMIT Ball Tournament. The tournament featured twenty teams of 2 players each vying for the coveted trophy. Proceeds of the entry fee go to support Hands-On Charleston, a local charityContinue Reading

Charleston’s Mobile Attic visits Carolina One-Central

Posted by Lindsay. We had a great visit with the folks at the Carolina One Real Estate office on Orleans Rd West of the Ashley this past Wednesday. The lunch was catered by Tyler Mae’s of Charleston. We had Grilled Chicken with Jezebel Glaze, Squash Casserole (made with fresh-picked squash from Boone Hall Farms inContinue Reading

The FIRST 787 Dreamliner touches down in Charleston

Posted by Lindsay. We got this picture of the very first Boeing 787 landing at Charleston Airport. We are located just to the northwest of the runway, so we were close when we heard the plane was going to land. About Lindsay Osbon

Amazing: Family Cat rides aboard a Mobile Attic to New House!

We had an interesting experience the other day. We moved a family from Mt Pleasant to Goose Creek using a Mobile Attic Container. Unbeknownst to anyone, the family cat had crawled in the container while it was being loaded at the old house. Two days later we deliver the container, and out came the cat!Continue Reading

Mobile Attic Container to be featured on Army Wives?

Posted by Lindsay in Charleston: A Mobile Attic container MAY find its way into a scene in tonight’s season finale of Army Wives, Lifetime TV’s top-rated drama. We know a scene was filmed at the truck stop shown in the picture. This truck stop is at the corner of Clements Ferry Rd and Jack PrimusContinue Reading

A Secure, Safe Container

A lot of customers ask about the safety and security of the Mobile Attic container. My best response is to show them the inside of my personal container. I’ve used this Mobile Attic for 3 years. See our antique pie safe in the picture? This antique piece has been in the container for 2 years!Continue Reading

“Auction Wars” Lowcountry style…

We attended this auction in Wando, SC with an 8′ Mobile Attic container. Ray Thomas from Thomas Auction (@ 195 Main Rd, Johns Island) group led the auction of 24 crates from Kohler Moving. Many very nice items were auctioned off at great prices. Furniture, TVs, appliances, and collectibles were all part of this funContinue Reading

Vinyl Record Albums – Long Term Storage-PERFECT in Mobile Attics!

We stored a huge collection (THOUSANDS) of vinyl record albums (remember those? They pre-date the 8-track tape…which pre-dates the cassette…which pre-dates the Compact Disc…which pre-dates the ITunes download) These “antiques” were stored in a Mobile Attic in Charleston for 2 years. They emerged in pristine condition. Most items don’t need climate controlled storage, some folksContinue Reading

F 15 screams over Charleston’s Mobile Attic

We got this lucky shot of an Air Force F-15 flying over the lot in North Charleston. A squadron of these fighters have been buzzing us for a week during manuevers. About Lindsay Osbon

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