the aluminum mobile attic roof protects better then pods Columbia SC

Avoid Translucent Tops for Pods in Columbia SC

Do you know why it is beneficial to avoid translucent topped pods in Columbia, SC? Columbia averages around 217 sunny days per year. The sun is essential, but you want to avoid over exposure. That includes leaving your furniture and housing items vulnerable to the suns rays. Keeping the sun from shining on your household property directly, will mean keeping it out of the spotlight.Protecting your health and the longevity of your personal belongings is why avoiding pods with translucent tops in Columbia can be beneficial.

When you find yourself with a portable storage unit that has a translucent top. You want to look  if any light is able to pass through. The sun can cause many effects to your household property. It can allow UV rays to get into areas that can overtime change the pigment of colors that are in your furniture.  If you can’t keep furniture out of direct sunlight, then you at least want to reduce the exposure to sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the finish of wood furniture to “alligator skin”.  You’ll know what I mean by “alligator skin” when you see it because your furniture’s finish will have hundreds of cracks in it as it begins to peel away. You want your furniture to age uniformly, so you want to avoid letting the sun hit only part of a surface. Tablecloths, blankets, or sheets don’t stop the damage done to wood, they only slow down the process. Leather is effected greatly from the sun, it can fade and crack in little to no time with constant sun exposure.The sun isn’t scared to share it’s shine with anyone or anything. If you have items that you want to avoid the sun having an effect on, you should find applicable cover for them. A translucent top just won’t get the job done, especially in places like Columbia, SC.

Mobile Attic can aid you in finding a shaded portable storage container in Columbia, SC. That is why our portable storage has an aluminum roof that is sun proof and will help keep your items from getting burned. Not only do they keep the sun’s rays from illuminating the core of the container, but they can stay cool from the heat that the sun provides. Mobile Attic offers reliable and strong built containers that keep your stored items in the same condition that you left them in. We know how we want to store our items and we will offer you the best way to store your furnishing as well.

the aluminum mobile attic roof protects better then pods Columbia SC

Mobile Attic’s aluminum roof vs translucent top pods Columbia SC

The roof of pods Columbia SC

Translucent tops for pods Columbia SC

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