Charleston Movers – We are Charleston movers now! Part I

My wife and I are selling our house in Charleston SC and getting ready to move. Naturally, we will us a Mobile Attic Portable Storage Unit! I am thinking of the 8’ x 20’ Mobile Attic Unit. Our house is about 1600 square feet, so the 8’ x 16’ Mobile Attic Unit might be just a little too small. We are at least 30 days out, but our planning begins now! We want the most stress free move possible! I’ve already planned out where we will set the Mobile Attic Storage Unit in our driveway for easy access. Charleston Movers, and ANY movers in the Lowcountry for that matter, can enjoy the easiest self-directed move anywhere with the Mobile Attic Storage Unit. We plan to spend about 1 week loading the unit. That way, we are not scrambling to get our entire move (packing, boxing, loading, transport, and unload) in 1 day.
This is Part I. We will blog about all of our move-related issues as time goes by. Stay tuned!