De-clutter for the Holiday Season

      It’s here, that classic holiday season feeling that flies through the brisk air. That feeling that brings with it the smell of pumpkins, turkey, cinnamon, peppermint, eggnog and Christmas tree’s. Amazingly-Awesome-Preholiday-Declutter-GuideOver the next two months many people will have friends and family coming to celebrate this wonderful time of the year with the ones they love most. The last thing anyone wants this time of year is your holiday company thinking you reside in a pigsty. No one wants to spend the holidays in a home that looks like a recycling depot or something off the show “Hoarders”. That’s why The Mobile Attic has made a quick list to help you get started removing the clutter in your house before the holiday festivities begin.

  • To begin go ahead and store summer clothes and water toys away (you won’t be needing them anymore) unless you live on a tropical island. Keep them in a place that has relatively simple access like the attic or garage, just in case a mid-winter tropical vacation comes into effect.
  • Keep decorations relevant for that month’s holiday up, you don’t want to have jack-o-lanterns and ghosts still scaring away turkeys, pilgrims and Indians once November rolls around. Once the old decorations have been taken down, store them out of sight, you wont be needing them for another year anyway.
  • During the transition from November to December get the Thanksgiving decorations put away as quick as possible. Christmas decorations are great to display holiday elements, but don’t let too many clutter your house, no one wants the Clark Griswold “Christmas Vacation” lighting ceremony anyway.
  • Getting the new decorations up and their storage containers away and out of sight in a timely manner is key. Now when that holiday is over with you can put everything back in the containers and make sure they aren’t left cluttering up rooms in your home (as well as get the new seasons decorations up).
  • Now’s time to tackle junk piles… All the magazines from the spring, summer and fall that are still out on the table… throw them away… you probably have two newer issues anyway.
  • Filter through all piles of paper and mail and weed out what is important and needs to be filed, as opposed to various useless flyers, old receipts and pieces of junk.
  • Have a designated place to keep these “junk piles” that are out of the way and no where in sight. Perhaps for the holiday season combine all the already filtered through junk piles of unimportant mail, magazines, receipts, etc, and hide them away until your friends and families stay at your abode is over.

Once everything is organized and all the clutter and piles of rubbish have been depleted give your kitchen dining and living room a extra good clean to remove any dust that was created form all the de-cluttering and decorations switching. After that bring out the light bites and drinks and toast to a fun clutter-less holiday season with friends and family!