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Home-Staging Benefits in Charleston, SC

Movers Charleston SCWe   wanted to learn more about the home-staging process. Many of our customers are   using our portable self-storage containers to “de-clutter” and stage their   home for sale. Now, we’ve all seen the “Sell This House” show with Tanya Memme   and Roger Hazard ( ) , but what about the reality of home-staging? What does it really   take to get a house sold quickly?

We   contacted a Charleston, SC staging expert, Cynthia Pulsifer with “A Charleston   House” Home Staging and Interior Redesign ( ). Cynthia   told us that there staged homes typically SELL FASTER and for MORE   MONEY!  Cynthia told us about a client she worked with   in the Mt Pleasant, SC area.  This client took the necessary steps   to spruce up the landscaping, paint the walls the right colors, and de-clutter   (Three Basics of Home-Staging),  BEFORE putting it on the real estate   market. The house sold in 2 weeks!…IN A DOWN MARKET!

We   asked Cynthia to elaborate a bit, and to tell us some specifics of the right   way to stage a home. “Some of the things we ask clients to do are:    First, remove most of your personal items. Buyers need to envision their   own things in your house. Pictures of your family and friends can be a   distraction to them seeing the home as potentially theirs. Also, paint the   walls in neutral colors, tans & taupes are good but painting the walls   off-white is boring!”.  Cynthia also explained , “One of the   most important things to do with any given room is to envision the room as the   buyer sees it”.  She went on,  “ask yourself : if you   are the buyer, what bothers you about this room?   Things like hairs   in the bathtub and an unclean kitchen can cause buyers to think twice about   your home.”

One   of our favorite tips from Cynthia concerns household odors. She told us, “have   a friend come by your house. Have them walk through and smell the house.   Sometimes there can be odors in your house that you have gotten used to…and   sometimes an honest friend may be able to pick up the scent , and you can take   the necessary steps to try to remove the odors”.

Concerning pets, Cynthia told us “if possible, take them out of the   house while showing it.  They make buyers uncomfortable, especially   dogs”.

On   the subject of cleanliness, Cynthia could not be more emphatic. She said, “the   house must be spotless before it is shown”.

Looking to stage your house before your next move in Charleston,   SC?  Give Cynthia at “A Charleston House” a visit at her website   ( ). Looking for mover’s, moving companies or services in Charleston SC?   Visit us at


Here’s a great cleaning tip to get   all the hairs out of the bathroom. Turn out the lights and shine a flashlight   along the surfaces in the bathroom. Hairs will instantly become visible, and   can be removed!