How a Portable Storage Container Saved the Day

A True Story of a Portable Storage Container saving the day

One of our great friends from Carolina One Real Estate called us a few weeks ago from Mt Pleasant. It seems she had a client renting a house, and the landlord suddenly gave this client a WEEK to vacate!

What to do?

We were able to book this client a container and have it set up in their driveway in Mt Pleasant the next day. When the week was up, we picked up the container and stored for the client for 2 months while they looked for a new house.

This is one of those stories that makes us happy to be doing what we do. 10 years ago this same client would have had to rent a truck and a storage unit somewhere. They would have had to load and unload their items multiple times, causing backaches, headaches and stress. Nowadays, the container needs loading and unloading only once.

Customers tell us time and time again how easy it is to store stuff using a portable container. We love it!

Happy Friday!