Starbucks Gift Cards. Mobile Attic Giveaway

January Drawing News!

Hello Friends!

We have enjoyed doing the drawings and giveaways for you and are going to continue to do so as long as you stay engaged. We are going to go about the drawing for this month just a little bit differently though. This month we here at the Mobile Attic Portable Storage are going to be giving away these 3 Starbucks Cards!

Starbucks Gift Cards. Mobile Attic Giveaway


– Currently have $5 on them

– You can add money to the card online or at Starbucks stores

-They will get you a free drink on your Birthday

– If you register them at you will get great rewards all year long


Here’s how YOU can be a winner!

1. Obviously you must “like” the Mobile Attic on Facebook. (Do so here)

2. We want to reward our most active followers so you gain entries for your likes, comments, and shares.

  • 1 entry for a like
  • 2 entries for a comment
  • 3 entries for a share

And that’s it!

You can gain up to 3 entries per post. For example if you share the post that got you here, like the post, & comment on it you will only get 3 entries. That way you don’t need to share, like, and comment on every post to keep up. (It also makes my life easier lol).


So let’s get this started shall we?