Need storage between homes?

If you are stuck needing storage between homes a Mobile Attic Portable Storage Container could be just the thing you need. We bring one (or more) of our weather proof units right to your home, you load it, then we bring it back to our secure storage facility until you are ready for it to be redelivered. If you need the container for 3 months or more we can offer the first month free. During the recent foreclosure freeze one of our clients was ready to move into their home and the bank stopped the process with hours to spare. We’re happy to report that they found a new home and we delivered their container so they could unload it. In hindsight they were much better off using a Mobile Attic Portable Storage container than using a truck. If they had used a traditional moving company or even a rental truck they would have been stuck with nowhere to store their belongings. Instead they only had to load and unload it one time.

Here’s a link to the story from WSPA Channel 7 in Spartanburg, SC:

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