3 Essential Packing Supplies when using Portable Storage in Columbia, SC

So, you’ve made the choice to use a portable storage unit for your upcoming move.  This decision brings up some new questions that need answered.

  • How do I ensure the safety of my belongings from point A to B?
  • Is the way I pack a portable storage unit different than how I would pack a moving truck or rental truck?
  • As I consider the process a portable storage unit goes through to get from one location in Columbia to another, are there factors I need to be privy to that would affect the method  I use to pack?

Watch this video for some packing tips:

Have no fear.  With only 3 items, you can confidently make your portable storage experience a success.

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Item #1: A Disc Pad Lock

This might seem like a no-brainer.  However, in my years of working in the portable storage industry, I have been completely amazed at how many times I have picked up a portable storage unit where the customer failed to place a lock on the door.  Equally surprising and more common is the customer that chooses to save a few bucks and use their puny combination lock from high school to secure all their worldly possessions from potential threats.  At Mobile Attic, we recommend a disc pad lock for your portable storage unit.  The bolt of the lock curls up behind the latch on the portable storage unit door.  This makes it very difficult to get bolt cutters on the lock and thus detours tampering.  It’s a clever design.  We had a customer lose the keys to their lock.  They called us hoping we could help get the lock removed.  We have heavy duty bolt cutters and were unable to penetrate the lock.  It took 3 hours of determination, kicking, screaming, and prying before we were able to free the lock from the latch.  I share this to say that the lock you use makes a difference, so pick a good one. You can pick up a disc pad lock at any do-it-yourself-depot (Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes) or hardware store.  We sell them at a reduced price as an added benefit for our customers.  You are talking about a $12.00-$15.00 investment that is the first line of defense against anyone tampering with your precious belongings.

Item #2: Straps

You heard me correct.  Straps.  Not bungees.  Straps.  Think of straps as an insurance policy…they will ensure your belongings stay exactly where you place them in your portable storage unit (a little punny).  REMEMBER: We are going to load your portable storage unit on to a truck.  That truck is then going to drive in traffic.  The delivery truck will use it’s brakes.  It will accelerate.  It will take turns.  It will go up and down hills.  And, because we are a large truck, it will stop for and dodge small vehicles that pull out in front of us simply because they can.  Then our truck will unload it at your new destination.  The only thing that ensures your belongings make it to it’s destination safely is how you packed it and if you secured the load with straps.  How many straps get used will be contingent on how tight you are able to pack up the portable storage unit.  However, not using straps is asking for failure before you ever get moved.

The type of straps you use is also important.  Bungees flex and can easily break under duress.  The best strapping option are pull tight straps.  Our Mobile Attic portable storage containers have a unique strapping system that enables our customers to place a strap anywhere needed.  Our straps our specially designed to clip into the walls which ensures that they won’t come loose when your portable unit is in transit.  At Mobile Attic, we rent straps out at an inexpensive rate because we feel no move should take place with out them.  If you choose not to use our straps in your portable storage unit, no harm done. If you choose to not use straps at all, consider yourself warned.

Item #3: Furniture Pads / Furniture Blankets

Blankets are important if you have any wood furniture or electronics that you don’t want to get scratched or damaged. When your portable storage unit is driving down the road, the vibrations from the road are enough to cause items to rub against each other.  This quickly leaves unsightly marks and scratches on valuable furniture.  Old blankets, sheets, and even some clothing items can work as a substitute.  Whatever you use, it’s best for it to have some padding to it.  The furniture pads we rent are full size 4’x5′ quilted pads.  These offer a softness and cushion that helps make sure your belongings look the same coming out of the portable storage unit as when the went in.  As with our other products mentioned, we rent our blankets at a very inexpensive rate because we think they are crucial to a successful move.

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With these 3 simple items, I am confident you will make your portable storage experience a success in Columbia, SC.  Are there other items you’ve found to be helpful when packing?  Share them with us in the comments section.

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