Portable Storage in Columbia, SC Reclaims a Place of Solace

Today we dropped off a portable storage unit in the NE of Columbia, SC for a gentleman named Luther (we have altered the name for the sake of privacy).  Luther once had a garage that he affectionately referred to as his workshop.  This was his place of retreat.  See, a man finds solace in his workspace.  This is the place where things make sense.  In a world where things are not always black and white and where quick fixes don’t happen quickly, this is a place where problems get solved, work gets done, and creations come to life.

Then there was a problem, a slow and subtle problem.  Luther and the family started using the garage for storage.  It occurred gradually.  It started with the garden tools.  You know, the lawn mower, weed eater, etc… Then there are the kids’ bikes.  Don’t forget about the 4 boxes of Christmas decorations with the imitation Christmas tree that needed a home for 10 ½ months out of the year.  At some point they bought some new furniture.  The old furniture was still in good usable condition.  The idea was that they would try to find a home for it rather than throwing it on the curb.  In the process they thought, “We’ll just put it in the garage for a little while…we have some space in there”.  The slow accumulation of “stuff” with the existing workshop tools, cabinets, and work benches already in place meant that Luther lost his place of retreat.

Maybe you can relate to Luther’s experience.  I wish you could have heard him on the phone when I talked to him.  He was thrilled that there was a portable storage solution in Columbia.  “You mean you will drop of a Portable Storage unit to my house in Columbia?”

I said, “Well, yes!  Not only will we drop off a portable storage unit, but it can stay there at your location as long as you need it for.  You pay month to month and we have a special discount for our customers that rent long term.”

He was appreciative and genuinely excited.  Now hear me out.  No one gets excited over a portable storage unit.  It’s a big boring box that often represents work.  The unit doesn’t load itself.  The arrival of the portable storage unit meant that Luther had some work to do this week.  However, that portable storage unit represented the return of his place of solace and this was something to be excited about.

Here in Columbia I have been consistently amazed at how many different reasons there are to rent a portable storage unit.  Maybe you’re like Luther and have found the “stuff” of life has started to crowd out the “living” of it.  If so, we at Mobile Attic would love to be a solution.

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