Portable Storage For Your Next Big Move

Very few things compare to the stress of relocating all of your worldly possessions from one home to another. The planning, the execution and the delivery can all induce anxiety for even the most centered of individuals. Three options are available for most moves that include hiring a moving company, renting a truck, or using the services of a company offering portable storage.
Option one. Hire a moving company. The expense alone associated with this choice will deter most folks. However, taking that out of the mix, hiring a mover usually means you are at the mercy of a group of people over whom you have little if any control over in terms of scheduling. Add this to the discomfort of having a house full of strangers going through your personal belongings, and this option can quickly lose any luster it may have originally had.
Option two. Rent a truck and move yourself. Certainly, this is a less expensive option,
andthe scheduling aspects are   greatly improved. No need to worry about someone damaging your priceless collection of porcelain thimbles and you can move at your own pace.
However, if the biggest thing you have ever had to drive is the family sedan, be warned that these moving trucks can be quite a handful. Not only that, but you will be forced to deal with the truck after you have spent all day loading it, which can compound what may already be a safety issue.
Option three. Have a portable storage container delivered to your site. The container is unloaded onto ground level, which means you will not have to negotiate that narrow aluminum walk board while trying to balance a china hutch in your arms.
Once you have it packed, a simple phone call will have a truck on the way to pick up the container and deliver your belongings safely to your new home. You will be free to finish any cleaning or last minute errands, and packing the family for the trip in your own comfortable car.
In addition, if you have not secured a new place to live yet, arrangements can easily be made to store your portable storage container until you need it.

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