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Mobile Storage Columbia SC – Packing for Storage

So you’re the lucky one that needs storage in Columbia SC (insert groan here).  Though packing items for storage may not get you excited for the weekend, following a few simple tips could save you some extra work and headaches down the road.

  1. Use boxes that are uniform in size. Though it may sound OCD at first, you’ll thank me later…especially when you begin stacking boxes in your storage unit.  Uniform boxes make it easy to stack.  Easy stacking means you can stack high.  Stacking high means you can utilize every bit of space in your storage unit.  See, it’s not that OCD 🙂
    Boxes - Storage Columbia SC

    Look what happens when they aren’t uniform

  2. Blaze a trail!.. or perhaps a small path.  Leave a little bit of room between your rows of boxes and your furniture so you can make it to the back of your storage unit.  Murphy’s law says that you will unexpectedly need something out of the first box you placed in your storage unit at some later time.  Having a trail to get to that box will keep you from having to unpack and repack your storage unit when that time comes.
    boxmaze -Storage Columbia SC

    These people know what I mean when I talk about trail blazing with boxes.

  3. Fill ‘er up…boxes that is. If you’re going to stack high and save space, you need to make sure your boxes have the structural integrity to handle the weight of being stacked.  Best way to do that is to pack your boxes to the top even if it’s with excess padding like newsprint.  How’s that for a “packing boxes architecture lesson”?
    Kid popping out of box

    I do not endorse the use of children as box padding.

  4. Don’t forget the rust protector? That’s right.  Metal can rust.  More than likely you’re putting things like lawn mowers or file cabinets in your storage unit.  Spray them down with a can of rust protector.  Don’t have rust protector handy?  A wipe down with an oily rag will do.
    Boy with magician

    Rust protector. Magician named Rusty. Kid rusty on his magic skills. Punny…(insert another groan)

  5. Think about security. Just because the facility said they have 100 cameras that are motion activitated, infrared, face recognition, with “see through your soul” technology, doesn’t mean you can throw caution to the wind.  PRO TIP:  Put your most valuable items all the way in the back of your storage unit.  Make anyone who is daring enough to break into your unit work hard for anything valuable.  Oh yeah, while you’re at it, spend more than $5.00 on a lock.  Get one of those big, thick, round ones.  You won’t regret the extra $ to ensure your belongings safety.
    Guy holding lock that was tampered with

    Look how happy he is for spending more than $5 on a lock!

  6. Think air circulation.  Believe it or not, storage in Columbia SC can get humid.  A typical day’s flux in temperature can cause condensation to build on the walls.  Leave a small barrier between your belongings and the walls to allow air to circulate within your storage unit.  This is one of the best ways to keep your belongings from getting musty and mildew-y while in storage.

Make your storage in Columbia SC experience a successful one.  Like most things in life, a little planning goes a long way.  We know storage Columbia SC can get hot and humid.  As such, we build a better storage unit to protect your belongings from the Columbia climate.  Check out what makes us different for a little more info about our storage units.