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Storage Units Columbia SC – Deciding What to Store

I’m standing in my living room. In one hand is my 1980’s backpacking pack complete with aluminum frame that has been used twice in the last 25 years. In the other hand is my graduation gown from college. I am trying to decide what stays and what gets tossed in to my storage unit in Columbia SC. If I were to ask your opinion, I bet you’d tell me to throw them both out. If I were in your shoes, that’s what I would tell me to do as well. None the less, with all the stuff one sorts through when moving and storing, how do you decide what stays and what goes?  I found these questions to be helpful when trying to decide.

1. Will I ever wear that item again? – Not just “will I wear it again?” but “Should I wear it again?” Let’s be real, those multi-colored parachute pants are not coming back in style and if they are, you’re not the one to champion the cause.

Storage Units Columbia SC

2. Can I see continual use out of this item? – Just like my backpacking pack, we all have items that represent who we want to be but don’t represent who we actually are. If you haven’t used it in the last 5 years you’re probably not going to use it again. Get rid of it.

4. Is this broken item really worth holding on to?

5. How much does this item mean to me? Is any sentimental value attached to this item? Will grandma know if I got rid of this sweater she bought me 2 Christmas’ ago?

6. When was the last time this item was even put to use? Is this a seasonal item? Can this be used for that holiday again?

As sentimental as I get with my belongings, I have found my attachments to begin to wane in light of the answers these questions bring.  Don’t make putting your stuff in a storage unit in Columbia SC complicated.  Take the extra time to think through the purpose of your items so that you only pay to store items that are worth it!


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