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Things I Learned While Attempting a Poorly Planned Move

moving companies Charleston SC


I work in moving and storage. I talk to people who are moving on a daily basis. You would think that I would have a pretty firm grasp on how moving works but it is easy to not appreciate the details that go into moving if you are not the one who has to fill in those details. Our business is pretty straightforward. We deliver portable storage units to people’s homes. We move them when they tell us to. Nothing more, nothing less. So it’s easy to lose an appreciation for what all goes into a move.

However, this past week I was reintroduced to the process when I had to coordinate my move within Columbia, SC in less than a week. Here is some of what I learned.

1. Don’t expect cooked meals.

The energy used in packing items into boxes, throwing away things you don’t need, and moving things around won’t leave you much energy to stand over a stove and cook a meal. You are best served to stock up on quick meals to make your life that much easier. If you already live off of said quick meals then you were in Moving Training and didn’t even know it.


Make sure you have the entire moved planned out step by step. Plan how you want to pack up each room and when you want to have that room emptied by. Plan how you want to move the items from one house to another. When you plan to get the truck/portable storage unit. (Preferably a mobile attic portable storage unit). Plan when you will need people to come over to help or when you want to have movers come over to assist you. Plan your cleaning as well. Everything that needs to happen should be written out. You have to be able to visualize it because you won’t respect how much work it really is unless you do.

3. Shop around.

Make sure you find the best option for you in every way. Whether it is the convenience factor, price, the trust you have for the company. Make sure that the help that you get for you move is a good fit for what you will need. Don’t let yourself get caught paying hidden fees. If you are going to rent a truck make sure you calculate the up-front cost. How many miles you will be driving (at .59 or .69 cent per mile). Then remember that you are responsible for every drop of gas you use as well. Don’t get caught saving $20 by using a truck thinking you are saving more when the difference in price isn’t worth the difference in the amount of work that you end up doing.

4. Whatever plan you made. Go back and DOUBLE the time you said it will take.

Alright maybe not double, but however long you THINK it will take. Add some time to it because again, until you are in the middle of it you will lose all respect for how much work goes into the move. It’s better to give yourself too much time rather than not enough.

5. Plan breaks into that time. 

Don’t fall victim to “Mover’s Fatigue” (that’s a medical term I just made up). Make sure you leave breaks of time throughout your moving schedule for you to take a second to relax, regroup, or just to clear your mind.

6. Take off work (if at all possible)

Again. Moving is hard work. It’s even harder work if you have already used most of the day’s energy at your job. Even if you can only get one day off it will make a difference. Save that day for your heavy lifting perhaps or for the day of the actual move itself.

If I had done these things then the past week would have gone a lot smoother for me. I hope that you’ll consider them when coordinating your move.