Why do you use portable storage?

Occasionally we will post a story from one of our customers and why they need portable storage.  We have been amazed by the many scenarios that require the use of a portable storage unit.  Today our story comes from Erica:

My husband and I decided we wanted to build a new house.  This was a daunting task all of its own.  However, we knew that we did not want to be stuck with two house payments.  So we decided to put our house on the market in hopes that it would sell quickly.  Well, in this economy, you know how well “quickly” worked out.  There were several other houses on the market in our area for the same or better price.  Our dreams of building without two house payments looked like it would remain just that, a dream.

Our realtor recommended a few options to help our home sell faster.  One of the options I was surprised by.  She recommended I declutter.  I was surprised because I keep an orderly house, but as she explained the concept, it began to make a lot of sense.  The goal is to remove items from the house that are not essential to daily living in an effort to make it look roomier.   A house that looks roomy, spacious, and decluttered, has more appeal and thus will sell faster than a similar house that contains more items.

So, not wanting to rent a moving truck or spend money on movers, we did an internet search for storage.  This is when we found Mobile Attic.  Here’s what they do: They bring out a sturdy aluminum portable storage unit, set it up in the driveway, and we load it at our leisure. It’s basically like a moving van that detaches the cargo area, and leaves the cargo area in our driveway for us to load as we see fit.

We decided to give their portable storage unit a shot. We called them up, reserved a portable storage unit, and they delivered it and set it up in our driveway. The portable storage unit fit snugly in our double car drive taking up just one car space.  We took our time to load it…about two weeks.  We made it a family affair.  We went through the stuff in our closets, attic, and bedrooms, removing everything we didn’t use daily.  You should have seen my 5 year old deciding which doll she wanted to keep and which one she wouldn’t mind being without for a few months! I could not believe how many things we weren’t using (My 15 year old son’s snow board in Columbia, SC? roller blades from the 90’s…I mean really?!?, and then the 10 pairs of shoes I haven’t worn this year…not that I have a lot of stuff :).

Once we filled up our portable storage unit, I called Mobile Attic and they picked it up and stored it at their secure facility.  Within 30 days we had a contract on our house!  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  People want to buy a home they can picture themselves living in and us going through the hard work of decluttering made that happen.

We are still building our house.  I can’t wait to call Mobile Attic to have our portable storage unit delivered to our new place.  They have made the process so easy and I am confident I wouldn’t have sold my house without their help.

Thanks Mobile Attic,


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