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Why rent from PODS Columbia SC?

A quick disclaimer.  The owners of PODS Columbia SC are some of the nicest people I have ever met.  PODS has a national brand with coast to coast moving.  Through their marketing initiatives they have forever branded portable storage as “PODS containers”.  So, why would you choose to go with a local company like us instead of sticking with PODS?

  1. We’ve been in business for about the same amount of time.  You need to know the company you do business with is going to be around to complete the service purchased.  Mobile Attic as a corporate entity started about the same time as PODS and Mobile Attic of Columbia opened 8 years ago, the same year as PODS of Columbia SC.
  2. We have a better storage unit.  Before you roll your eyes and say, “He gets paid to say that”, look below and see for yourself.  We do 2 things differently:
    1. We don’t use any wood in our storage units. Wood absorbes moisture and creates a more humid environment. Humidity posses the greatest threat to furniture…more so than temperature!. Not using wood in our Mobile Attic storage units keeps our storage units less humid in our “Famously Hot” Columbia climate.
    2. We don’t use translucent plastic tops. PODS translucent plastic tops allow sunlight into your storage unit which will make for a hotter environment. Allowing UV rays into your storage unit will also bleach colors in your furniture and other exposed items over time. We have solved this problem by using a reflective aluminum top. The aluminum reflects and disperses heat which makes for a cooler environment for your belongings.
      pods Columbia SC

      PODS Columbia SC Storage Unit

      mobile attic pods columbia sc

      Mobile Attic Columbia SC Storage Unit

  3. You ALWAYS talk to someone local.  Unlike PODS in Columbia SC, when you call us, you won’t ever be routed to a call center.  You will always to speak to someone who knows your local area as well as your specific circumstances.
  4. We have a lowest price guarantee.  We offer a superior product at a great price.  However, if you ever find that we are more than PODS in Columbia SC, we promise to beat their price by 5%.  If you don’t use our services, I don’t ever want it to be because of price.  Tell us you have been quoted less and we’ll make sure that we are the best deal for you!

If you’d like to see how we compare, fill out the form to the right and we will email you some prices and info.  We understand it’s a big deal when you give someone your email address.  We hate spam as much as you do.  We promise to be respectful of your information.

You can also call us and get an instant quote over the phone at (877) 423-2055.  That’s one of those toll free numbers that tracks calls from our website.  It comes straight to our office in NE Columbia SC.  If you’d prefer to dial locally, our number is 803-553-1663.

For more information about how we stack up against PODS Columbia SC, check out this PODS comparison chart we put together.

You can also see how we compare to PODS Columbia SC by checking out these frequently asked questions.