Valentine's day home

Your Home Needs Love Too

Valentine's day home


*Clearing throat* Hello there… (In my best Barry White voice). Today is a day of love, a day of expressing love to those closest to you, a day of romance.

But while you are spreading love to these people you may not even notice the one that shows you the most love all year long.

The one who shields you from the wind.

The one who keeps you out of the rain.

The one who keeps you warm in the winter months and cool in the summer,

The one who watches over you at night.

Who… doesn’t mind when you bring company over or when you decide to go out.

Who treats you the same no matter what.

Yes… I’m talking about your home.

And whether you have lived in the same home for years or have just moved into a home the love is unconditional.

Your home wants to love you but over time if you don’t return that love your home can get worn down too.

The love grows a little weaker… Your home doesn’t ask for much but it needs something.

I know. Loving a home may seem like a huge task but I am here to help.

You can’t please every home the same way…

But Bob Vila offers 10 tips on how to show your home love this Valentine’s day.

(Those last two lines made me wish I had rhymed this entire post. No turning back now.)

  1. Arrange Flowers: Whether you use them to spruce up a room or the outside you can’t go wrong with flowers on Valentine’s day.
  2. Paint a Room: Vila says you don’t have to change the color, just a fresh coat will do the trick. Think of it as a trip to the nail/hair salon for your home.
  3. Plant Seeds: Maybe not possible everywhere but it definitely is here in South Carolina. Now is a great time to get a jump on your Spring gardening.
  4. Clean Your Carpets: Give your home a nice rejuvenating spa day.
  5. Replace a Shower Curtain: Your home has been wearing the same bath robe for too long. Seems small but it will appreciate a new one.
  6. Restore Cabinets: Painting a wall a bit much? Perhaps just touching up your kitchen cabinets.
  7. Upgrade your Furnace Filter: Have you been getting your home the generic filters? Let it breathe like never before by getting a higher quality filter. You’ll notice the difference.
  8. Countertop TLC: Again, if you can find a way to make your home feel good about itself why not? Give your countertops a fresh look.
  9. Hang some Art: Maybe you can’t repaint your walls, or cabinets, or touch up your countertops, but you can hang art. Give a room a new necklace, maybe a bracelet, earrings. Even a watch.
  10. Organize a Closet: Your home has to hold all of your junk anyway. Why not make it easier on it and organize the things you make it store.

So there you have it…

Go to your home and make it feel special today. <3