Handling Surplus Holiday Inventory with Storage Pods

Handling Surplus Holiday Inventory with Storage Pods


When the holidays roll around, it’s a stressful time for businesses. The trifecta of end-of-year sales puts immense pressure on various companies, who seek to capitalize on special themes and sales. Halloween, then Black Friday deals, and of course, the Christmas and December holidays. The latter in particular is a serious crunch, not only for sales reasons, but décor and inventory reasons too. 

The worst-case scenario for smaller businesses is lack of space for holiday inventory, primarily due to surplus. Clutter builds up and suddenly you’re overflowing with inventory – what do you do? Some try to sell as fast as possible, but that’s not always possible. Thus, a business can sit on surplus or unsold inventory for an indeterminate amount of time, hemorrhaging their bottom line and interfering with business operations.

Unless, of course, they had extra space! That’s where mobile storage pods come in, a way to directly address issues associated with overbearing inventory.

Common Obstacles with Holiday Storage

Every enterprise and organization faces various challenges when it comes to Christmas and December sales. Depending on the vendor, the key is selling, but it’s easier said than done. After all, right off the heels of Thanksgiving, sellers have to switch their décor and prep special sales to fit the season (if that’s their goal).

There are various issues smaller businesses encounter which makes handling storage and other excess inventory difficult. Some of those problems are:

  • Lack of space or no exterior location to move inventory to
  • Difficulty with organization because of lack of space (no way to rotate inventory for the holiday season)
  • Concerns with security or no security spaces available
  • No storage for rotating older inventory out from previous special sales/holidays
  • Lack of time to transfer storage and/or no available business storage unit within practical distance

How can mobile pods help with my holiday storage?

From organization to additional space, a mobile pod is precisely what you need if you’re concerned about excessive Christmas and holiday inventory. Think of it like a whole new storage room on wheels – one that comes to you.

How does it work? It’s pretty straightforward – you order and inquire about mobile storage services and have them delivered to your location of choice within an available service area. Professional crews bring them, so there’s no need to rent an expensive moving truck or schedule transportation yourself. Rather, once the pod arrives, it’s there to use as you see fit. In this case, for organizing excessive holiday supplies and items.

But, there are numerous benefits that come with taking advantage of mobile storage pods, it just depends on what your organization’s needs are. For instance, are you concerned about security? This is an understandable concern, given that holiday inventory is valuable and in excess supply. Depending on what you sell, you may desire an extra layer of security.

If you have a fenced area, for instance, a mobile pod can be stored in that area, giving you direct access and monitoring of the unit. As you’d expect, pods can be locked and sealed at your discretion, or, you can even have them safely stored with the providing vendor. Mobile Attic has such a service, granting you peace of mind as you navigate the holiday sales season. 

But what about space?

Of course, the biggest advantage of mobile storage pods is space. Enough space is invaluable to an organization when they’re trying to sell. For one, vendors and businesses that want to decorate for the season will need storage, not just for décor, but for a location to place and store debris, clutter, and trash. 

There’s no limit to the amount of pods you can have on-site, either. Mobile pods arrive in a variety of sizes, fitting the needs of a business, large or small. Therefore, concerns about inventory can be put to rest, knowing you’ll have all the accommodations necessary for holiday inventory management.

Time is of the essence

Another unfortunate aspect of holiday time is lack of. Business owners and vendors are concerned with planning hours, accounting for vacation, and trying to capitalize on prime selling times. Coupled with inventory management – outgoing and incoming – every hour is precious, and you have to make it count.

But that’s easier said than done when storage is running thin, or if you don’t have enough to go around as is. Can mobile storage pods help with time issues too? Of course!

Remember, with a storage unit, you’re not making long trips back and forth to a storage facility. When it comes to businesses, their needs are different than public use, meaning they’ll need additional space and options. Finding that in time – especially during the Christmas holiday season – is challenging. But with a mobile storage pod service (such as with Mobile Attic) you can cut down on time spent managing inventory.

Like we mentioned before, there’s no need to travel to a traditional storage facility, you’ll have supplies right in your backyard. Furthermore, foot traffic is reduced and organizing is vastly easier, since you won’t deal with clutter caused by inventory buildup. This means your stock is cleaner and ready for presentation and decoration; messy aisles and stores don’t attract the consumer eye. And, you can use storage to rotate old inventory too, so you’re not drowning in excess or surplus stock.

All of this can safely be stowed away and locked at your discretion, keeping it secure for the busy holiday season. 

Get your holiday storage organized

When it comes to the Christmas and holiday season, there’s a lot to account for. But this year, instead of scrambling to find the space you’ll need, take advantage of a mobile storage pod.

For additional information, you can contact Mobile Attic.