Make your gameday better with Mobile Pods

Make your gameday better with Mobile Pods

 Mobile storage pods are a great mechanism for storage and ease of accessibility. Businesses take advantage of them for extra space and security. Homeowners can use a pod like a second garage. But you didn’t think a pod could also be used for hosting game days and sports events, did you?

It’s true. It depends on how imaginative you want to be, but a storage unit can be a way to host parties, even game events. It’s a real “think outside the box” moment, but true in itself.

Tips for planning

Any kind of event requires time and energy. For planning a college football watch party, you’ll want to be ahead of the curve on everything to make sure your watch party goes smoothly. Before we get into the benefits of a mobile pod and planning for a college gameday event, here are some general, helpful tips to get you started.

Tip 1: Prepare that food!

The secret to any successful outing, event, or party? Food. Food is what keeps people around. If you don’t have the food basics down, well, your guests won’t stick around for long. After all, this is about comfort and celebration.

Get a headcount on the expected people coming over. We’ll assume a lot, so get some standards out there. Snacks, wings, dip, and drinks are a mainstay, but you can go for alternative options like veggie trays to offer some variety.

Tip 2: Headcount, get it.

Just as we said, you need to have an idea of attendants, or at least, how many you can serve for. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be strict, but if you expect 10 people and prepare for 10 people, you’ll have an easier time with everything else. Seating arrangements, food, time expectancies, schedules, those all factor in when hosting a college football get together.

Tip 3: Set reasonable times.

Lastly, try to set reasonable expectations for time. When to show up and yes, when to leave. Most will go after the game, and unless you want to host an afterparty, have a polite way of ending things. Seems strange to point that out, but hosting exciting parties can be exhausting, so, give yourself some reasonable space between now and then.

These, of course, are general ideas. You can adjust as you need or go your own way! In the meantime, now that we’ve talked tips, let’s move into the mobile pod aspect.

Tip 4: Mind the alcohol.

Oh, we know, that one sounds crazy. It’s fine to have a few drinks to take the edge off and enjoy yourself. But a lot of alcohol in a high-tension game with potential rivalries, mixed with a lot of people? Things could get messy, literally and figuratively. It’s entirely up to you if you’d like a few beers or more, but alcohol can unmake plans and turn a fun night into a “different” one. Furthermore, that’s an extra layer of making sure there are designated drivers, which is an extra layer of planning you may not want.

Tip 5: BYO food, or no?

It’s good to provision snacks and food for guests. But, do you prefer “bring your own?” That’s something to clarify up front. For the most part, we recommend having food for your guests with the option for them to bring something. However, if the guest list is large and this is more of an “event,” a BYO is a solid idea.

Mobile pods and their advantages

There’s a lot of things mobile storage units can offer you over traditional solutions. For game planning, it’s even better. First, the basics.

For one, the benefit is in the name. With traditional storage options, you’re stuck driving from points which cuts into time and adds up a gas bill. Furthermore, you’re limited based on the location of a storage facility. In some cases, you’re only able to access said storage at specific times and hours.

Storage containers are also safer than traditional options. You can move them to areas within a service location, whether as a business owner or personal use. In this case, personal use. Not that we expect thieves in mobs to go after college football decoration, but it’s good to have regardless. Then, of course, is this space. How can you use this for game day?

If you’ve read this far, then we’re assuming the theoretical game plan is a big one. Rivalry match, last of the season (or first), the championship – you’ve been waiting for it, and you want to go all out, or at least do something special for the occasion. As such, the supply demand is a big one (thus the need for good planning). That’s where extra space will be the difference between a mess and organization.

In that scenario, a mobile pod is an ideal spot for decoration, supplies, and anything you can think of. Have it stored on the side until the big day, then retrieve your items within walking distance. No clutter in your home, and mess is reduced. And speaking of, that’ll make cleanup easier. Depending on what you’re using for the party, debris can be stored inside the pod until it’s ready to toss. It’s the least favorite part of the after-party, but it makes the process easier.

So, if you want to throw a college football party worth remembering, consider adding mobile pods into the mix. The added versatility of extra space could be the difference between a lukewarm get-together and one to remember for years to come. 


With football season ahead, you’ve got plans, but it’s easy for said plans to get bigger than expected. If you’re lacking in space or need help organizing, a mobile pod is a surprisingly flexible option. Not only are they convenient and inexpensive, they offer a range of positives we’ve gone over, from travel savings to additional space.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about storage units by contacting Mobile Attic today.