Mobile Pods and DIY Seasonal Ideas for 2022

Mobile Pods and DIY Seasonal Ideas for 2022

A DIY project is a great way to express one’s creativity, take advantage of spare resources around the house, and find a way to engage in a hands-on activity that only asks you use a little imagination. DIY – do it yourself – is as it sounds, a project of any size making use of limited supplies to come up with a creative concept. They’re a great way to spend a day, perfect for all age groups.

But that’s just it, of course: ideas! For the season of 2022 there’s a lot of potential creativity to be had and things to do. However, even if you’d like to try a DIY project, you may not know where to start. Furthermore, if you’re taking advantage of a mobile storage pod, you can expand on a DIY concept. Mobile Attic will offer some concepts and ideas for to jumpstart your next do it yourself project!

Tips for Starting a DIY Project

Before anything, as you get your ideas together, it’s good to gather all necessary supplies and place them in an organized container for ease of access. Depending on a project’s complexity, you’ll need more or less space (a great reason why mobile pods help). 

You don’t have to get everything all at once, but it’s faster and cleaner to have all needed supplies within arm’s reach, versus scrambling around the house trying to find what you need. For example, maybe you’re repainting an old piece of furniture. Better to have the brushes and paint ready to go then search around for them at the last second. 

The real idea behind do it yourself is cutting costs, or avoiding them entirely, so that’s why getting house supplies in front of you is a good plan. Something you might need may instead be around the home! That doesn’t mean all DIY projects don’t involve costs, but the real goal is shirk expenses where possible.

Establish a few other things about your DIY project, such as:

  • Is this activity for yourself, family, or kids
  • What is the theme of the DIY project, such as seasonal concepts
  • What do you plan to accomplish at the end of it (organization, using containers in a clever way, big or small goals)
  • What supplies you think you’ll need
  • Gather tools as necessary (if you need to use power towels, please practice caution and do not let minors use them unsupervised)

A little planning goes a long way, so don’t skip out on that. If you want to use holiday specific things for DIY projects related to Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, be sure to take weather into account to.

DIY Ideas and Projects

There’s a lot of ground to cover when it comes to custom and homebrew projects, but we can give you some simple ideas. Of course, let imagination be your only limit.

Safety Tip: If you’re planning to repaint, varnish, or use coatings on different material, check the labels careful. Some paints and coats can be toxic when inhaled and need to be painted in well ventilated areas.

Holiday Scrapbook

The “big three” holidays are a great time to collect memories in different ways. All you really need is binder and paper, if you aren’t picky. Ironing and collecting autumn leaves is a time honored tradition, for instance. Or consider collecting pine needles from a Christmas tree amidst pictures.

Making Decorations

All three seasons are amazing for home crafted décor. Whether it’s ghostly paper cutouts, hand crafted ornaments, or a centerpiece for Thanksgiving, it’s hard not to feel inspired and making something out of it too.


This one is a little general, because rather than just say “paint furniture,” we want to suggest painting for just about anything. You can take any paintable surface (as long as it’s not say an apartment wall) and get creative with the designs. There are various paint types, but we recommend water based acrylic.

Sprays can contain toxic material if inhaled and require ventilation (which is just more money to spend anyway).

Start a Nature Book

Take a walk around your favorite park, neighborhood, or nature vista and grab photos of anything you find interesting. Animals, flowers, trees, even during the season they’re fascinating. Then, you can write descriptions about what they are and put it in a small personal book, like a nature journal!

Taking Advantage of Mobile Pods

In the South Carolina area, we at Mobile Attic know more than just storage. Our pods can do all sorts of things, if you think outside the box. So how can a pod help you with DIY projects?

It’s all about the space! A pod lets you think about a DIY in a much larger way, literally. While we’ve thus far suggested ways to do things around the house, you can think about other things too. Home exteriors, yards, shop renovations, it’s all possible and budget conscious too.

How so? A variety of reasons. For instance, if you have a pod, you can reserve the location so long as it’s within a service area, such as Charleston or Greenville here in South Carolina. Therefore, a DIY idea that encompasses the yard matches well with a pod, since you can cut down on clunky foot traffic, store supplies for easy access, and cut down on any potential travel time. Because you’re avoiding car travel for storage, you also save on gas and time, as a little bonus.

You could do anything! Build a new garden box, freshen up furniture, add custom decorations to your home exterior, once again your only limit is imagination and space.

Taking advantage of a mobile pod is also easy like a DIY project. Each is transportable to your desired location, arriving via professional teams. A pod can be used as long as necessary, perfect for renovations and other innovative projects you may have in store for the season.

If you want to try a DIY project, or bring it to a new level, consider utilizing mobile storage units. For additional information, you can contact Mobile Attic today.