Securing Your Property and Inventory with Mobile Pods

Securing Your Property and Inventory with Mobile Pods

Protecting and safeguarding your property is a natural concern of anyone. Whether it’s home ownership or a small business, you’ll want a container that’s safe from theft, damage, and loss. However, some don’t have this option due to a variety of factors. A home may not have space for storage, or, the items in question are too big for storage. A business may have excess inventory or needs a place to stow material. The short of is, extra, secure space is necessary, but not available. Mobile pods drop in to solve that problem. 

But how? In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of a mobile storage unit in brief, primarily its security benefits.

What is a mobile storage pod?

Like the name hints, this is a flexible storage unit that acts like a garage on wheels. Pods are used for all sorts of things, from storing items to moving to even planning events. You’ve likely seen them in use already, and they can be applied to any situation where space and storage is relevant. In this case, they’re ideal for security.

Why use a mobile pod for security?

For the reasons we listed, using a storage pod is handy when you lack space, want additional room, need to protect inventory from theft, need to secure it for transportation, and/or you want to protect items from weather.

For space, remember that mobile pods often have different sizes to fit various needs, so you can get the exact storage required. For businesses, the need to store inventory is a major concern, and multiple mobile pods can be used for such. That said, how is a mobile unit more secure than say, traditional options?

Mobile pods offer both versatility and durability. As an example, if you have a fenced, gated, or protected area, a mobile pod can be stored there for as long as required. That adds an extra layer of security that fits your comfort. Some prefer to have their inventory close by, and with mobility, you can take advantage of it.

These mobile pods (by Mobile Attic) are made of durable, weather resilient steel too. That means excess rain and storms won’t damage your inventory, nor rust the exterior. However, once again, if you’d like the pod in a secure area, you can place it out of harm’s way. Furthermore, that steel exterior isn’t something you can break into, and the doors can be locked for an extra layer of security.

So, at a glance, you can already see the immediate, convenient benefits of mobile storage pods over traditional security options.

What can I store in my mobile pod?

For security reasons, anything really. Barring hazardous material or inventory that possesses special storage requirements, if you can fit it into the pod, there’s no limit. Property owners can find this valuable if they want to store garden equipment, tools, and even smaller vehicles. Or, they can store outdoor items in the pod for safe keeping.

Example? Maybe you want to keep lawncare equipment stored safely to protect from weather conditions, or, from theft. 

As we’ve also pointed, business owners will find a storage pod handy for storing inventory and items away in an organized fashion. With the pod nearby, that cuts down on foot traffic, increases efficiency, and even safety since staff won’t need to scramble for stocking items.

Other benefits of a mobile storage pod

Why take a mobile pod over a typical storage unit, especially when security is concerned? On top of the benefits we’ve briefly listed, there are other reasons too.

One such example is transportation, gas, and cost savings. For a traditional unit, you have to make trips to a storage facility, which can be out of the way. That’s time spent on one task, and also adds to your gas bill, however small or large. As for security, if anything happens to the storage facility, that potentially affects your property too. It’s a situation well out of your control, where most would prefer having their property within looking distance.

If you’re concerned about security but lack space, property or business owner aside, there’s also good news. Mobile pod facilities like Mobile Attic can store your pod at our location, in protected, fenced areas shielded by our security. Those are resources you can take advantage of, which you may not have at your disposal.

Since mobile pods can be transported to different locations, it’s an extra layer of secure convenience you can’t get with traditional storage options.

Can storage pods protect against stormy weather?

This is a great question since Mobile Attic services the South Carolina areas of Charleston, Greenville, and Columbia, of which are in proximity to the coast. Mix that in with warm weather and you get routine storms, sometimes hurricanes.

Pods are designed to shield against harsh weather conditions, so yes, your inventory is safe against stormy conditions. Harsh weather like heavy winds and rain can reap havoc on smaller containers and buildings, but not so a mobile pod. However, we must clarify this is for storm weather. Hurricanes are a different beast and there’s no stopping a 100mph wind. So, use our pods for storm protection, but take every precaution necessary for hurricane season.


If you’re concerned about securing property, you can see why mobile pods are an ideal solution for virtually any use.

Small businesses get the advantage of:

  • Additional space for organization and productivity
  • Expanded storage space in general
  • Means to secure high-value inventory
  • Convenience of mobility

And homeowners or others get these benefits:

  • Reduced gas costs and travel related expenses
  • Cutting down on foot traffic
  • Option to store inventory with the vendor (Mobile Attic)
  • Have their items within reachable distance
  • Reduce or eliminate need for traditional storage options

If you’re concerned about theft, damage, or weather, the mobile pod is what you need. For additional information, you can contact Mobile Attic today.