Store that Leftover Halloween Décor with Mobile Storage Pods

Store that Halloween Décor with Mobile Storage Pods

Spooky season has come and gone once again with colder days and changing leaves. Autumn is an enjoyable time for many. All of the ghouls and ghosts are may have gone away, but we’re still left with the question of what to do with all those decorations on every window and door. We’ve had our fun time, filled with frights, costumes, and candies on Halloween night, now we have some work to do!

For neighborhoods, it has a great time to show off some creativity and celebrate the season with various decorations. Businesses of any size also get in on the fun, either with their own holiday spirt or Halloween themed merchandise. But, now that the fun has gone, there is a scary undercurrent to all this, and it’s not a spooky skeleton. Rather, it’s the left over inventory. 

Halloween is a fun time of year, to be sure. But it’s also a mass marketed one, with plenty of decorations, candy, and things to sell. Even if you’re not thinking about Halloween with a “business” mind, the reality is thus: if you’re planning on big decorations, there’s a lot of things to organize and store. Unfortunately, there’s no secret treat to be found with situations like this. Everyone loves the decoration part, but the storage and disposal, not so much. 

So what can you do? Most just assume the process of inventory management for seasonal decorations is a slog, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s where mobile storage pods come in, providing powerful benefits and advantages versus traditional options. 

Why mobile pods for Halloween?

If you’re low on storage space, that’s all the more reason to use a mobile pod. Think of it like a garage on wheels that can arrive at any service location area, without you needing to drive. It’s ideal for planning events, small businesses, and just those who make use of heavy seasonal decorations. 

For example, a seasonal event will no doubt make use of various types of inventory. Halloween involves festivals, fairs, and horror events, which require planning and décor. Before and after, these items can be stored in a pod and placed within a desired location. If an event is specific to a zone for the seasonal event, pods can be localized nearby for transporting goods within walking distance. This is versus moving trucks, transports, and traditional storage units which lack the “ergonomics” of a mobile pod. Pods have multiple sizes, and can fit in designated spots, so they’re not limited by space or zones, a huge benefit against normal options. 

The bigger the event or need, the better suited pods are for the job. Halloween is host to festivals, as mentioned, typically requiring arrangements for seating, stages, large decorations, and lights. It’s far easier to organize and safeguard equipment with transportable storage units than it is versus traditional ones. 

Safety and protection are other factors planners and homeowners should consider. In rare circumstances, what if your décor is subject to weather changes, storms, or unforeseen damage? Pods shield inventory from those events, like storms. Rainy weather is more common in the colder seasons, and can wreak havoc on exposed items and decorations if not stored properly. But with a pod, you can avoid that entirely.

Think of this way, a small business can order a mobile pod store in specific lots on location, away from weather, or, within fenced areas for better safety. Considering all the decorations and inventory associated with Halloween, keeping it in a confined, secure area is important.

What else can I do with a mobile storage pod for Halloween?

So far, we’ve talked about the advantages over traditional storage units that mobile pods have. But it isn’t all about storage, you can get creative with them too, it just takes thinking outside the box, or in this case, the pod.

Remember, a mobile pod is an interior space which can be placed anywhere within a service area. It’s made and designed for storing items, but you can use it for other things too. For instance, a neighborhood can use a mobile pod for haunted houses, or, spaces to decorate. Think how much you can enhance your front lawn with the use of a pod!

That also works for storefronts and store owners too. A pod could be utilized for selling special inventory in an enclosed space (such as deals for decorations). Or, just used to organize holiday items.

Why use a mobile pod over regular storage?

Storage options for homeowners and otherwise work in some circumstances, but a pod beats them out for a variety of reasons. Traditional options are stationary and local to their respective area, and that means you need to travel from one location to the next. That not only adds up on time, but it cuts into gas costs too. When it comes to storage, you want to save every dollar possible.

That’s especially the case when it comes to holiday storage for Halloween. Since there’s more inventory in general (decorations, candy, lights, supplies), you will make more trips from a regular storage facility than you would with a mobile storage unit. Pods are made for reducing foot traffic and cutting down on redundant time, but traditional options don’t offer this advantage.

Store owners may also prefer having their inventory within reaching distance and want to secure it with mobile pods behind a fenced zone. Even if not, Mobile Attic provides storage in our fenced areas, accessible at any time with transport options available.

Lastly, no holiday is complete without the cleanup and packing away. Instead of cluttering things in boxes and stuffing them into cellars, attics, or tiny spaces, a mobile pod is an ideal alternative for short or long term solutions. That makes organizing the cleanup process much easier, even for bigger holiday themed events.

So, before you get ready for the spooky season, consider trying something new. Mobile pods are always an option.

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