The How and What of Moving to Greenville, South Carolina

The How and What of Moving to Greenville, South Carolina

If you have decided to transition your life and move to Greenville, SC then allow Mobile Attic to be the first to welcome you! South Carolina is a historied, diverse, and beautiful state with expansive wildlife, gorgeous vistas, and varied experiences to immerse yourself in. The state hosts historical landmarks and wonderful coastal beaches, populated with reserves and tranquil parks, capped off by towns and cities as robust as the summer seasons. 

Greenville is another big tourist attraction for South Carolina, ideal for those looking for a unique getaway experience. Sometimes called the south’s “best kept secret,” Greenville boasts a variety of parks, temperate weather, fun events, and excellent eateries.

But that’s just the visitor package! If you’re ready to move, congrats! In South Carolina it’s rated as one of the top ten places to live in the state! It’s got a thriving art scene and robust economy to justify any transition, while having a healthy population of almost 1 million people. No matter what, you’ve got something to do or somewhere to be.

What can I do in Greenville?

Greenville hosts plenty of nature walks and scenic parks you can take advantage of, like the Conestee Nature Preserve. It’s also got a huge football scene, specifically college football. The Clemson and University of South Carolina rivalry is strong here, and you’ll get swept up in team spirit in no time.

Also, like we mentioned, the arts have a lot to offer, and you’re sure to find a unique work for your new home. 

How about the cost of living?

That’s an important question and these days, living costs are on everyone’s mind. With housing becoming less affordable depending on the location, can you really make a home of Greenville?

The good news is, compared to the national average, Greenville’s average home value isn’t the worst, typically around $300,000. Now that’s no small amount, but generally about the cost of older homes before housing inflation. In short: if you have the resources, you can find a dream home.

As for renters, the average rent goes between $800 to $1000 depending on your apartment.

And the weather?

If you know anything about the American southeast, it’s a mix between warm, temperate, and hot! Well, that’s mostly true. Greenville is a mix of temperate weather and sizzling summers, yielding lots of precipitation. Because of its proximity to the coast and temperature exchanges, storms are common, and sometimes tropical storms are a concern too. The good news is, though, the seasonal weathers aren’t too extreme. Summer can get particularly hot at times, but it averages around the low 80’s most of the time.

If you’re okay with one season (nice springs and warm summers), Greenville is ideal. 

Sounds, good! I’m ready to move!

Whether we convinced you or you’re planning to move to Greenville already, there’s a few things to know before making a huge moving transition. We’ve got a few tips to help you as well, and, can offer some advantages and services via our mobile storage pods. For now, though, let’s go over a few basics to prep for your move.

Essentials and Tips Before Moving

Take plenty of time

As you can imagine, even with mobile pod assistance, moving is a tough ordeal. That’s because it requires time, planning, and money. So, we’ll address those first.

First off, do make sure you have adequate time to pack. In fact, give yourself at least two months of preparation beforehand (and that’s just our estimation). You may not have every day to pack, but you’ll need to consolidate time to putting things away. Also, anything can happen before a move, so giving yourself the space to deal with “surprises” is always important.

Budget and be prepared

As you no doubt know already, moving is an expensive process. The setup costs for your new home, such as setting up utilities, lease agreements, and first month payments all demand a hefty penny. More so, the actual cost of moving can add up fast when you add up all expenses.

(Tip: Taking advantage of Mobile Attic’s storage pods can make your Greenville move easier).

Some expenses will typically include:

  • Gas for travel
  • Food for meals
  • Various expenses related to storage containers

Planning ahead

Planning for a move means taking account of everything involving said move. What routes will you take? How far is it from your current living situation to the next one? What time and day(s)? Will anyone help?

It’s not mandatory to have a perfect answer for each, you just want to be generally prepared. Moving is complicated enough, no need to make it harder!

Mobile Pods for Moving

You’ve got things planned out, but have you also considered mobile pods for moving? Portable storage units play a big role as convenient alternative options for moving. Essentially, they’re like a garage on wheels! Well, not exactly, but you can think of it as a storage space that comes to you. For a moving, that’s helpful.

Mobile storage units offer a range of benefits, and since you’re moving to the Greenville area, Mobile Attic can directly help you!

What to expect when using mobile pods:

  • Reduced costs related to travel, since you eliminate gas expenses
  • Saved time; you can plan ahead without worrying about days to travel
  • Convenient and large storage space for your biggest inventory, giving you peace of mind
  • No need for clunky rental trucks to return or traffic-heavy drives
  • Storage pods can be rented for as long as needed
  • Mobile storage pods are transported by professional teams within designated locations

Since moving is time sensitive, you’ll need every second so it’s as stress free as possible. Mobile storage pods can help your transition to Greenville, SC with everything we’ve gone over. With that said, we’re excited to welcome you to Greenville and can’t wait for you to make it your new home!

If you’d more information, you can contact Mobile Attic today.