What to know about moving to Greenville, SC

What to know about moving to Greenville, SC

Looking for a change of scenery or life transition? A move is just what the doctor ordered, and for many, it’s a new experience. Some consider it a second chance or restart, going to places with new opportunities, while others seek a change of scenery. More so, people move for improved economic potential, education, or vacationing. 

For those reasons, it’s why people look to Greenville, South Carolina as their next potential idyllic home. The state itself has a diverse and rich history combined with temperate weather and beautiful vistas. Greenville too has a lot to offer, but the big question is, of course, is it right for you? Mobile Attic makes our home here, and we’ll tell you why it’s worth considering a visit. . . and hopefully extended stay!

Considerations before moving

No doubt if you’re aiming to move to Greenville, you’re excited. But like any move, a big transition like this is resource and time intensive. So, before you start packing, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

Do you have ample time for packing and moving? If you’re moving a whole living space, you’ll want to pack in advance. Give yourself 2 to 3 months if you can before making a move.

Are all your costs in order? Moving has a way of creating costs in extra places you didn’t consider. Sure, there’s travel, gas, utilities, rent, etc, but what about unexpected costs like the need for more supplies? What if you need to hire help?

And, speaking of, are you getting help at all? Do you have a plan for moving the heaviest objects you own, like furniture? It’s important to get an idea of how you’ll handle the heaviest tasks.

But, if you are having trouble, portable storage pods can help. We’ll get to that in a moment!

About moving to Greenville, SC

Greenville is a robust, attractive city people move to for a variety of reasons. For example, weather is one of its preferred highlights, as around the year there are sunny skies and temperate seasons. The proximity to beaches and public parks makes in an ideal “going out” vista, so there’s no shortage of things to do with friends, family, or a personal trek.

Weather wise, you can expect warmer weather, but not too much. Most of the seasonal weather is mild and averages 60F throughout. Because of its proximity to the coast, there are sometimes storm surges to be mindful of. Though, with protective precautions, people are safe and enjoy the seasons throughout.

So, you’ve got the picturesque scenes, parks, beaches, and weather, but what about the rest? Greenville is an older, historical city, but it’s not lacking in modernization that doesn’t compromise the arts. Greenville provides a range of opportunities, but also contemporary ones you’d find in the tech sector. However, if you’re not moving alone, there’s plenty of positives for the family too.

Greenville is one of the US’ most popular cities, so it boasts a lot of different things, like varied schools, jobs, homes, apartments, and sectors for just about anyone to fit in. For example, if you want your kids to have the best education, Greenville has some of the best education in the state. It’s also a steadily growing population, and while not the biggest, the average census was 72,000 in 2021.

That said, its important to note that crime rates are slightly higher here than other parts of South Carolina. Dense cities tend to have higher crime problems, such as theft, so always take personal safety into account (we want you to be safe too).

That said, cost of living is better than most US places and cities. The average cost for homes and apartments is lower than most, though the margin isn’t massive. It can, however, be a make or break point for some. As an example, an average 4 bedroom apartment, as of 2021, is roughly $1500. That’s expensive, but cheaper than the national average of $2000/4 bedroom.

Moving with portable storage pods

Moving pods is your ace in the hole when it comes to big moving transitions like a shift to Greenville. Basically, it takes a lot of stress and legwork out of moving, and, Mobile Attic serves the greater Greenville area.

But how? Well, for several reasons. Consider the biggest challenges you’ll typically face when trying to move: time and costs. But a mobile storage pod directly addresses those with flexibility and convenience. How so? Think of it like a garage that comes to you, except with the dimensions you require. A professional team will drop off a pod at a selected location, allowing you to load it up with your itinerary. If you need several pods, that works too!

There’s no need to rent a clunky moving truck either. Once the mobile storage pod is loaded up, professionals will take the unit to your desired location. In this case, your new home. It’s also an advantage for businesses too, who are either setting up shop, moving locations, or opening up a new place.

Because you’ve got a portable storage unit within walking distance, you’re not hassled by time. You won’t need special equipment or have to rent out a stationary storage spot. So long as you’ve got the space and means to pack, the pod takes care of the rest. That’s a huge load off your mind when you transition to a new location in Greenville, and it saves you time and gas money.

Lastly, you can reserve your spot online by following this link. Additionally, once you’re finished with the portable storage pods, they’ll be retrieved at no cost to you. No need to return it as you would with a rental truck!

We’re excited to help you and hope you find the perfect home in the sunniest part of Greenville.

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