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The Winter Month Move

The Winter Month Move

For people that plan to move during the winter months (November- March), the idea of the moving process is … a cold reality. Since winter weather can be unpredictable, individuals should leave extra time to complete their move. The loading and unloading process can be much more laborious in snow or sleet. This is also the time of year… Continue Reading

About Campbell Wiltshire

A senior at USC studying Public Relations and Communications. Working part time as the Content Marketer for @The Mobile Attic. Lifelong Gamecock and Liverpool FC fan and lover of all music and nature. Enjoy working and using social media to try to make communication and marketing easier for everyone!

Charleston Movers: Reason #3 why a Magic Eraser can help you clean up!

Ever have a rust stain on your bathtub from a rusty shaving cream can? Try a Magic Eraser, and it’ll come off instantly. When getting ready to move or sell your house in Charleston, SC (or anywhere else), a clean house is essential! Home-buyers are instantly turned off when they view a dirty house! Moving in… Continue Reading

Charleston Movers: Here’s another way a Magic Eraser can get your house in order before moving

Here’s reason #2 a Magic Eraser can get your home ready for sale, or your aprtment ready for a move-out inspection! Stainless steel appliances can get dirty and stained over time. A quick once-over with a Magic Eraser can get that appliance looking brand new! Moving in Charleston, SC? Stay tuned for our next post… Continue Reading

Charleston Movers: Here’s a way that a Magic Eraser can help sell your house!

Charleton movers, home-buyers and home-sellers can ALL benefit from a house that looks TOP NOTCH! Here are 7 ways you can spruce up that house using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (http://www.mrclean.com/en_US/magic-eraser.do). If you have ever used one of these, you know they can work miracles on tough stains! 1. Wall Scuffs – a Magic… Continue Reading

Movers Columbia SC – How to choose the best Movers

I’ve been in the portable storage business for seven years. I am not a mover. However, due to my close proximity to the moving business, I have encountered my fair share of movers. At various points we have partnered with different movers in Columbia SC with the hopes of providing a reliable source of moving… Continue Reading

About Michael Ruguleiski

Based out of Columbia, SC, Michael has established himself as an expert in the Portable Storage and moving field with more than 8 years experience. Drop him a line with any questions at michael@mobileattic.net. Google+

Movers Charleston SC – Full Service Moves Are The Best Money You’ve Ever spent!

We had a client moving furniture recently up in Pawley’s Island. Their condominium was on the 6th floor! One of the items was a 300 pound GLASS table top! And it would not fit in the elevator! Our client made a great decision: CALL THE PROFESSIONALS! There are many moving companies in the Charleston SC… Continue Reading

Employee of the Month at Mobile Attic Portable Storage of Greenville

Mobile Attic Portable Storage of Greenville – Spartanburg, SC would like to congratulate our March 2011 employee of the month Miss Sadie. Sadie recently assisted in a drop off without being asked, always has a great attitude with employees from several of our locations, and even sits when told to. Sadie comes to us with some… Continue Reading

Mobile Attic Can Move You

Mobile Attic can move you from one side of town to the other or from one town to another. We have recently seen an increase in people wanting to move longer distances and use the Mobile Attic system. Our pricing is beating the competition!! This customer had a container delivered to her home in Upstate,… Continue Reading

Newest Driver

We have recently hired a new driver – now if we could just figure out a way to help him see over the steering wheel.  No worries though, he assures us that he really does know how to drive and your precious belongings will be safe in his care! About Continue Reading


Need storage between homes?

If you are stuck needing storage between homes a Mobile Attic Portable Storage Container could be just the thing you need. We bring one (or more) of our weather proof units right to your home or apartment, you load it, then we bring it back to our secure storage facility until you are ready for… Continue Reading

In a tight spot?

Mobile Attic Portable Storage can place containers where many of our competitors can’t go. By using our system for placing our Mobile Attics you don’t need much more clearance than what is needed by our containers. By placing one of our portable storage container in this tight spot between the house and the retaining wall… Continue Reading

Mobile Attic Gives Back

At Mobile Attic we believe in giving back. In this picture you can see where we donated a unit for use by the Greenville Cargo of Dreams Project. In this charity they convert shipping containers into school buildings for African children. Every location is honored to donate to different charities including: Operation Christmas Child, The… Continue Reading

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