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Container Delivery and Clearance Checklist

Container Delivery and Clearance Checklist

What type of quote do you need?

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Clearance Requirements

In order to place a Mobile Attic, make sure we have a clear path that’s 12 feet wide, 15 feet high and 60 feet long. That is about the size of about
3 standard parking spots or 4 car lengths of space. Remember, our delivery system could include utilizing the street to deliver your container.

Please ensure there are no overhead wires, tree branches, roof overhang, or any other obstructions hanging lower than 15 feet above the ground. 

Things to Know about Street Placement

If you need a Mobile Attic delivered on the street, it usually is no problem. However, we do want you to be prepared, especially if you live within city or town limits. Make sure you won’t need any permits for street placement to ensure there are no future issues with local officials or law enforcement.

Check with your Neighborhood Homeowners Association

There may be HOA regulations concerning portable containers on your property. Mobile Attic delivers to many HOA neighborhoods without any problems, but it’s always good to check if on-site storage containers are allowed.

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Condo or Apartment Deliveries

If you live in a condo or apartment, please check with building management concerning portable storage containers and reserve enough parking spaces for our truck to maneuver. Typical parking spaces are 9 to 10 feet wide. Your Mobile Attic container will easily fit in one space, but keep in mind, the driver will need 12 feet of width to place the container. This means you will need approval from building management to use two parking spaces.

The driver will also need 60 feet in length adjacent to the reserved space in order for the Mobile Attic driver to drop off the storage container. The same amount of space will need to be unoccupied when the Mobile Attic driver picks up the container. 

Placement Requirements

Our drivers are usually able to accommodate your placement requests however the final placement is at the driver’s discretion. There may be cases our driver is unable to make the delivery at your desired placement because of safety concerns. We recommend being available for deliveries if there are obstructions or if you foresee the delivery being difficult.

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Surface for Container Placement

We prefer to place our moving and storage containers on paved, level surfaces. If you’re thinking about having your container placed on an unleveled or non-paved surface, please discuss this with your Mobile Attic Customer Care Team associate.


Your Presence at Delivery is Not Required

You don’t need to be present for your container delivery or pick up. Whether you’re present or not, our drivers are happy to give you a call as they make preparations to deliver the Mobile Attic to you. But please make sure that access is clear, with no parked cars, narrow gate openings, or locked gates.

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Load then Lock

Once your container is loaded, make sure to put a padlock on it. Our drivers are prohibited from picking up loaded containers not secured by a padlock. You can purchase a padlock from us and have it delivered with your Mobile Attic container, or pick one up at your local hardware store or home improvement center. Once it is secure, our drivers can pick up your portable storage container for your local move, a long-distance move that is within 500 miles of our facility, or we can take it to one of our local storage unit facilities for storage.


Packing and Loading Assistance                                                                

We will help connect you with local professionals who’ll pack and load your container. They’ll help minimize damage and maximize your container space. You can also click here for recommendations in your area.

Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

If you have any questions at all about your Mobile Attic container delivery, we’re here to help. Please contact our Customer Care Team at or 877-423-2055.

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Our Moving & Storage Container Size Options

Multiple Sized Containers For the Perfect Fit…

Large 20' Container

Ideal for a 3-bedroom home, or up to 1800 sq. ft. space; Largest container in the market; Best bang for your buck.

Medium 16' Container

Ideal for a 2-bedroom home, or up to 1,000 sq ft. space; Fits in a parking spot; Comparable to a 10′ x 15′ storage unit or a 20′ moving truck.

Small 8' Container

Great for a 1-bedroom home, or 500-800 sq. ft. space; A popular choice for college students; Comparable to a 10′ x 10′ storage unit or 15′ moving truck .