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As coronavirus cases continue to surge again, making sure you keep yourself protected is important. 

Here’s a list of things to do (or not do) during COVID-19. Even if you’re out to enjoy certain activities, always err on the side of caution.

Wear protective gear

It’s said time and again, but always worth repeating. Whether you’re out for an errand or going for a walk, keep a mask on. This prevents the spread of Coronavirus to yourself and others. Masks are easy to acquire and come in washable variants and/or disposable ones.

Limit exposure to public gatherings

While summer activities like camping are suggested, sometimes

As COVID-19 surges around the US, and hurricane season ramps up, it’s important to make sure you have enough supplies for personal safety. During these times, it is possible that people will no-doubt experience an interruption in their daily lives. Food is a major consideration, so, having non-perishables and food stocks ready in case of emergency.

However, during that time, Mobile Attic has several food item recommendations that can last for extended periods. 

MRE Meals 

“Made ready to eat” meals are a common item in the military, but also as an emergency supply for general civilian use. MRE’s come in a variety

We’ve talked before about indoor activities, but now more than ever is a good time to pick up some indoor hobbies. For many, health reasons are keeping them indoors for extended periods. Even if not, summer weather can be hot and intense depending on where you live, so yet again more reason to stay inside an air-conditioned room.

There are plenty of things to try indoors. Mobile Attic has a few suggestions to pass the time during summer, especially if you have to stay inside.

Discover family ancestry

If you have nothing but spare time, consider learning about your family ancestry! Where did

Summer is a lively time of year for many, but this year we’re living in “interesting” times. With the problems and hazards presented by COVID-19, staying safe and healthy is important. Mobile Attic wants you to practice good health habits and protect yourself. So, if you’re aiming to plan a summer activity or vacation, it’s important to stay within guidelines to keep yourself, loved ones, and others safe.

But, there is good news. If staying indoors all summer sounds unpleasant, then a potential resolution is camping. Camping on its own is inherently distant from others, and your exposure to other people

When you think of mobile storage containers, you imagine them for different inventory like furniture, boxes, and even mechanical equipment. But mobile storage pods are also accessible options for electronics and electronic devices. 

However, the key is making sure to store them properly. As you know, electronics are sensitive to different environmental factors. If you’re short on space or simply need a mobile pod for electronics, Mobile Attic has a quick guide on how to store them safely.

Use static-free packing material

If temperature isn’t a concern, the next step is making sure to store electronic items in packing material that is static

We discuss the many ways mobile storage pods help out the community when making a move. But often, it’s for rent and home situations. This time, we want to dive into some of the ways mobile pods actually help businesses when transitioning to a new location. Or, when they’re opening a new location. Either way, there’s always an upside. 

For organization and storage

When transitioning, you’re managing a lot of factors such as inventory, available space, and time. You have to organize and stock, you need to do so with the given space, and you’re likely aiming to do it as efficiently

Summer’s here again, meaning longer, sunnier days and pleasant walks on the beach. It also means hot, muggy weather, depending on where you live. It’s the kind of heat that sticks, and if you have to move, your worst enemy.

Moving on its own is already a physically demanding process, so the heat only adds to that. But it’s not only a matter of comfort. Dehydration is a real risk and overheating can absolutely happen. Mobile Attic always wants your move to go off without a hitch, so here’s a few things you can do to stay cool when moving in

Moving while sick sounds unpleasant – and that’s because it is. Inconvenient and difficult, getting sick with an important life transition going on makes everything harder. Something as stressful as a move is only exacerbated by sickness. And, given the unfortunate reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, fallen ill is a real possibility. 

So, if you’re getting sick or suspect you will soon, it’s no secret you’ll need assistance. There’s no perfect solution, but Mobile Attic has some tips that can give you ideas for planning a move if you’re sick.

Contact friends and family 

First and foremost, get in touch with anyone who

Mobile Attic has touched on some things to know while moving during COVID-19. We’ll keep expanding on that list for those who have some general questions about moving as the problem continues. Or, suggestions you can follow if moving is no longer an option.

Do I have to move?

Consider postponing your move unless you have no other option. In most cases it can’t be avoided as leasing agreements are strict. But, if there’s leniency, take it. Despite quarantine, moving services are still considered essential as well.

What is available?

You’ll need to contact relevant moving services. While most are essential, this is a

When the warmer season arrives, it brings a few things along. Not just sunnier, longer days, but pests too! Ever wander into your kitchen one day, only to see what appear to be tiny gnats fluttering around? Or, are you noting an increase in insect pests around the house?

Unfortunately, spring and summer are also when pests breed and spread. They look for sustenance anywhere it’s available, and that includes trash and food debris. If you’d rather avoid a heavy pest control fee, we at Mobile Attic have some helpful suggestions.

1 – Clear Food Debris

Food, trash, and food debris are the

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