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Benefits of Back-to-School Mobile Storage

Hard to believe summer is already winding down, both in season and for students. Depending on where you are, school doors are opening once again for fresh and returning alumni. Some have started already! And while challenges still face the academic body regarding personal safety in face of COVID precautions (much like last year), things are, for now, pretty normal.

That means school networks can also look forward to taking advantage of mobile storage units. If you haven’t guessed already, mobile pods suit a wide variety of needs. Schools and education facilities are no exception. We’ll quickly

The How and What of Moving to Greenville, South Carolina

If you have decided to transition your life and move to Greenville, SC then allow Mobile Attic to be the first to welcome you! South Carolina is a historied, diverse, and beautiful state with expansive wildlife, gorgeous vistas, and varied experiences to immerse yourself in. The state hosts historical landmarks and wonderful coastal beaches, populated with reserves and tranquil parks, capped off by towns and cities as robust as the summer seasons. 

Greenville is another big tourist attraction for South Carolina, ideal for those looking for a unique getaway experience. Sometimes called

Moving to Columbia, SC? Here’s what you need to know

If you’ve chosen Columbia, South Carolina as your newest home, then let us be the first to welcome and congratulate you! South Carolina shares a rich history with beautiful wildlife and beach vistas, making it a natural draw for those who want sights and substance. Some also find a great home, new job opportunities, and excellent education options, ideal for families or those getting into the world. As the capital of South Carolina, Columbia is a proud gem of the state, a great place to visit or make your home. 

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Improving Yard Work with Portable Storage Pods

Yard work is a hobby for many during the summer season. Some like to plant gardens, others want to keep their lawn in shape. But, as summer rolls around, record highs from hot days are often the norm, so it’s important to remain productive and cool.

How? Utilizing portable storage pods is a great way to not only cut down on redundant yard labor, but stay cool too. 

Benefits of mobile storage pods

Mobile storage pods provide a lot of utility beyond regular storage. And, when you combine them with gardening/yard work, they’re even better.

Yard work and

Searing Summer Weather and Portable Storage

Beating the heat when summer finally arrives isn’t just about convenience, it’s safety. With record highs happening nearly every year, staying cool in any way you can is very important. Humidity also presents a serious health risk for children and the elderly since it greatly increases the risk of heat stroke. 

Portable storage units play a small, but important role in both moving around and keeping cool during the hot season. 

Staying out of the sunlight

The obvious benefit is such: avoiding the sun. During the hottest time of day – noon – the sun is at its

Tips for Staying Cool for Summer Moving

Summer’s here again, meaning longer, sunnier days and pleasant walks on the beach. It also means hot, muggy weather, depending on where you live. It’s the kind of heat that sticks, and if you have to move, your worst enemy.

Moving on its own is already a physically demanding process, so the heat only adds to that. But it’s not only a matter of comfort. Dehydration is a real risk and overheating can absolutely happen. Mobile Attic always wants your move to go off without a hitch, so here’s a few things you can do

What Is a Moving Container?

So what is a moving container? Well, when it comes to moving, this container could just be your new best friend. Whether you’re relocating across the country or within the same town, using a moving container is a low-cost, efficient way to make your move possible. Not only do these portable containers give customers a cost-efficient way to move, but they also make it easy to store belongings before, during and after a move. Here’s a quick run-down on what exactly a moving container is and how it works. 

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Spring Decluttering

With spring comes renewal. For some, that means cleaning up their homes, consolidating clutter and unnecessary items. If that sounds like you, we’ve got some tips this year for getting your home looking like new!

First, decide what you need and don’t need. Part of handling clutter is finally tossing out those vintage newspapers from over a decade ago. Sure, they might hold some sentimental value, but if they take up space and provide housing to pests, they’re more trouble than they’re worth. Therefore, make decisions like this for stored itinerary. If you really can’t let go of your

What to know before moving to Charleston

Moving is an exciting prospect for many looking to get a fresh start on life and build a future. Choosing the right place can mean a world of difference, and that’s why Charleston is a popular hotspot for prospective movers. But like any major transition, you’ll want to know what’s in store if you plan to move to the beautiful history-rich city. Mobile Attic will help you along with a quick “what to know” guide if you’re thinking of setting up in Charleston. And, if you do, even better, because we’re in the neighborhood

Spring gardening with mobile pods!

Gardening is a surprisingly engaging hobby when spring rolls around. It requires planning and commitment, but can yield the amazing reward of growing your very own plants. What’s better than a box of flowers you raised from a seed, or even your very own spice and vegetables? Whether it’s a small scope project or large one, anyone can garden as long as they have space, time, and sunshine.

You can even “expand” your gardening plans with mobile storage pods, and we’ll show you how!

Mobile pods and gardening

Ideal for larger scale projects, the idea with a mobile pod

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