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Moves are already an ordeal with their own various complications. The more distance you need to travel, the more things you must take into account – and often, the pricier it is. You can imagine the headache, then, of moving across state. 

Mobile Attic is committed to making your moves easier. So, we’ve assembled some tips to help you with your large move. 

Step 1: Plan Ahead

The best thing to do before any major move is to plan it out. This should cover everything you can think of and consider important. Location, time of arrival, estimated costs of travel (such as moving

When it’s cold, we beat the season by wrapping ourselves in warm clothing and turning on the heat. But for the things in your living space, it’s a different story. When the temperature drops, items are also affected by colder weather, and often for the worst, which means you need to not only keep yourself warm, but your belongings too. This is especially the case for electronics or other sensitive equipment. To help, Mobile Attic has a few solutions for proper storage in cold weather.

1 – Avoid Windows and Openings

Wherever cold air can leak into your business or home are

Are you considering external storage options to free up space at your home or business? If so, you’re likely thinking about security, too. How do you keep things safe from weather, pests, and theft? Unlike traditional storage options, where you store items – such as in a pod – will vary. If it’s not at a secure location, then there’s a range of factors to consider. Mobile Attic has a few tips for maintaining secure external storage.

1 – Select a Secure Site

If available, the fastest way to ensure good storage security is by selecting a site that has installed security

It’s that time again – a near year is upon us, and even better, a new decade. What with the return of the roaring 20’s, you’ve got resolutions to work on and storage to take care of. If you’re a business, there’s no doubt items to rotate or things to put away. As a person, you might have holiday items to store or some cleaning up to do. To help you with this, here’s a few new decade resolutions for storage needs in hopes to improve your organization options.

1 – Organize Into Boxes

When we say boxes, we don’t mean typical

While winter is a pretty time of year, it’s also a hectic one. If you live in an area with cold snaps and heavy snowfall, you’ve got enough freezing issues to deal with. Unfortunately, another problem with cold is heat, or rather, the need for it. People often see their power bills jump up, and with holiday decorations coaxing an extra amount with light usage, you can feel your wallet burn.

But, Mobile Attic wants you to have warm, winter season, so we’ve got another set of temperature saving tips to keep you cozy and assist with the power bill.

1 –

With the holiday season so close and New Years a stone’s toss away, it’s time once again to try the old resolution commitment. As you know, this is when we make a collective promise to ourselves about something we want to change for the upcoming year, and it can involve anything. But, the thing about resolutions is that they’re ideas. They sound great in our head, and so does the end result, but once the execution comes into play, people waiver.

That’s because a resolution requires work, and it’s easy to forget that. Oh sure, losing fifty pounds for the new

There’s nothing quite as exciting (and challenging) as a New Year’s Resolution. We believe in change and a fresh start, and ever new year feels like such. A chance to turn it around or try something new, to move past the current year and try again. But as you can imagine, resolutions are easier said than done.

However, sometimes accomplishing a resolution is a matter of making it achievable. We get caught up in big promises to ourselves but forget about the smaller things. So, Mobile Attic has a few suggestions for some easy New Years Resolutions anyone can try!

1 –

People love the holidays, there’s no getting around that. Christmas time is one of cheer (usually) and togetherness (hopefully), but it’s also filled to the brim with gift giving. And while imagining the smiles of loved ones is great as they unwrap that long awaited present, you might be forgetting something. . . cleanup. 

That’s right, once the wrapping comes off, you’ve got a whopper of a situation to deal with. Not to mention, decorations. Sure your living space comes to life, but if you set out a lot, you have to clean up a lot. After all’s said and done,

Mobile Attic isn’t just about storage units, we’re also wired straight to Santa! In other words, we know a thing or two about stowing away Christmas gifts. Yes, nothing says “holiday season” than by folks seeking out their presents for the big day, so hiding his half the fun (usually). Here’s a few ideas to keep those wrapped surprises safe until Christmas morning.

1 – Hard to Reach Places

For a fool-proof solution, find spots that are essentially inaccessible by kids. Do you have an attic? Perfect, that takes care of half the battle. Unless, of course, they’re clever enough to find

Organizing your personal property into safe containers is a task in itself, but it gets complicated when you throw weather into the mix. Colder temperatures provide a range of challenges, and depending on what you’re storing away, can cause unintended damage. So, Mobile Attic has a few storage tips for the colder seasons!

What you store will decide the method, but, you can’t go wrong with the ideas below.

1 – Insulate with Wool, Towels, or Blankets

Whatever item you’re packing (aside from electronics to avoid static) wrapping them in layers of blankets or similar – preferably wool – is a great way

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