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Handling Surplus Holiday Inventory with Storage Pods

When the holidays roll around, it’s a stressful time for businesses. The trifecta of end-of-year sales puts immense pressure on various companies, who seek to capitalize on special themes and sales. Halloween, then Black Friday deals, and of course, the Christmas and December holidays. The latter in particular is a serious crunch, not only for sales reasons, but décor and inventory reasons too. 

The worst-case scenario for smaller businesses is lack of space for holiday inventory, primarily due to surplus. Clutter builds up and suddenly you’re overflowing with inventory – what do you do?

Mobile Pods and DIY Seasonal Ideas for 2022
A DIY project is a great way to express one’s creativity, take advantage of spare resources around the house, and find a way to engage in a hands-on activity that only asks you use a little imagination. DIY – do it yourself – is as it sounds, a project of any size making use of limited supplies to come up with a creative concept. They’re a great way to spend a day, perfect for all age groups.

But that’s just it, of course: ideas! For the season of 2022 there’s a lot of potential

Safety tips for moving during the cold and flu season

When the weather gets colder, people spend time in closer proximity, the prime occasion for spreading influenza and the common cold. These nasty diseases are no fun, often disabling a person for days with dreadful side effects, sleepless nights, and discomfort. Worse still, even after one has fought off the cold or flu, symptoms can remain for days, even weeks, increasing chance of infection to others. No worse time to get either of these seasonal bugs is moving day, an already stressful experience.

You’ll recall how challenging things were during the

What to know about moving to Greenville, SC

Looking for a change of scenery or life transition? A move is just what the doctor ordered, and for many, it’s a new experience. Some consider it a second chance or restart, going to places with new opportunities, while others seek a change of scenery. More so, people move for improved economic potential, education, or vacationing. 

For those reasons, it’s why people look to Greenville, South Carolina as their next potential idyllic home. The state itself has a diverse and rich history combined with temperate weather and beautiful vistas. Greenville too has a lot

Store that Halloween Décor with Mobile Storage Pods

Spooky season has come and gone once again with colder days and changing leaves. Autumn is an enjoyable time for many. All of the ghouls and ghosts are may have gone away, but we're still left with the question of what to do with all those decorations on every window and door. We've had our fun time, filled with frights, costumes, and candies on Halloween night, now we have some work to do!

For neighborhoods, it has a great time to show off some creativity and celebrate the season with various decorations. Businesses of

Make your gameday better with Mobile Pods

 Mobile storage pods are a great mechanism for storage and ease of accessibility. Businesses take advantage of them for extra space and security. Homeowners can use a pod like a second garage. But you didn’t think a pod could also be used for hosting game days and sports events, did you?

It’s true. It depends on how imaginative you want to be, but a storage unit can be a way to host parties, even game events. It’s a real “think outside the box” moment, but true in itself.

Tips for planning

Any kind of event requires time

Securing Your Property and Inventory with Mobile Pods

Protecting and safeguarding your property is a natural concern of anyone. Whether it’s home ownership or a small business, you’ll want a container that’s safe from theft, damage, and loss. However, some don’t have this option due to a variety of factors. A home may not have space for storage, or, the items in question are too big for storage. A business may have excess inventory or needs a place to stow material. The short of is, extra, secure space is necessary, but not available. Mobile pods drop in to solve that problem. 


9 Tips and Strategies for Moving in the Cold, Rainy Seasons

While we can all appreciate a nice rainy day, seasonal showers make a lot of things complicated. Moving is no exception, and if you’re planning to move or need to transition during the colder, rainier days, said rain isn’t something to look forward to.

Why is it harder to move in the rain?

Consider all the factors associated with moving. Storage, transportation, and driving are the big three, and all are affected in some way by rain. Travel, for instance, is impacted by rain. Roads are increasingly hazardous depending on the level

Tips for Moving and Storage in Fall 2022 for South Carolina

Break out the pumpkin spice, because autumn is here! Days get shorter, cooler, and in a lot of cases rainier as the 2022 year slowly draws to a close. For those that have decided to move around this time, there’s a few challenges to overcome. Moving itself is already a challenge, a time consuming and costly process, even if its in the Charleston, Greenville, or Columbia area of South Carolina. Unfortunately, autumn and colder weather can make it harder, too. But, with some friendly tips and advantages offered by

Top Tips For Moving

Mobile Attic always looks for ways to improve your moving and shipping experience. Whether you’re a business or homeowner or someone looking for an affordable apartment, we strive to make that transition as easy as possible. So, we’re back with another set of moving tips for 2022 in hopes to give you time to plan for your next moving transition.

Moving is often a matter of time, money, and planning, so we’ll focus on those areas to aid you on your journey.

Tips for a Moving Transition

Tip #1: Give yourself generous planning time

And just as we mentioned, the biggest

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