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Nothing can dampen a big move quite like pests. Whether it’s the mischievous rodent or hiding insect, realizing you have some extra tenants living with you isn’t a fun discovery.

Pests we’ll define as any kind of disease spreading animal or insect living in the tiniest cracks of your new home. Typically, this means roaches, rodents, flies, and sometimes spiders. Unfortunately, pests thrive on things like warm weather, old buildings, and uncleanliness. Even if you are majoring in Clorox, previous renters or homeowners could have left a mess which allowed pests to thrive.

In some cases, you may have unknowingly brought

You feel down, but you’re not sure why. After all, didn't you just move to your dream area in South Carolina? Wasn’t moving with the use of pods and other modern methods so easy? A week before you were jazzed to start a new life in a new town. New friends, new experience, new jobs!

But, for some reason, it’s not clicking. Whether it’s been a few days or even several weeks, the raw excitement has faded, replaced by a weighty glumness. Or, worse yet, depression.

You’re not alone. Whether you live in South Carolina or came from out of state, it’s

It’s been a long week. You made your big move with the help of local storage and just got settled into the South Carolina area. The state greets you with friendly neighbors and warm weather.

But whether you’re a far-flung traveler or a local looking to get some personal time in, you wonder: what’s there to do? Well, if you’re near Columbia, SC there’s good news. Lots! Columbia is the capital city of South Carolina and as such, has lots of local flavors to offer (and not just with the food). If you’re looking to get a taste of the state’s

There’s nothing quite like a moving day in South Carolina. Plenty of details need consideration and the areas provide an abundance of challenges in terms of traffic, locale, and time. This is both exciting and, sadly, stressful. You have to make sure you’ve accounted for all your personal belongings – major and minor – plus the cost of travel and other various details. That’s plenty to lose sleep over, and things are stressful enough. Fortunately, Mobile Attic can make the moving process easier.

That’s because portable storage offers a host of advantages you don’t normally have with a traditional move. For

It’s an exciting (and stressful) time when you’re planning to move. Lots of details to work out with plenty of unknowns lurking behind every corner. Whether you’re finally getting a place of your own or taking the whole house with you, a move promises to challenge you in ways you never expected.

One of the big ones is packing and storage. You no doubt have numerous things of varying shapes and sizes. Some are straightforward, like clothes, dishes, and tableware. Others maybe not so much. Those wooden figurines passed down by grandma, the weird clay sculpture you made in art, the

Keep you (and your helpers) Fueled with Recharge Stations

I’m sure you know by now that moving is a draining task, mentally and physically. Planning your move can seem rather mechanical: designate days to pack and load into your Mobile Attic Container; coordinate the box groupings… that kind of thing. It’s also important to develop ideas for stress-management, like the recharge station. You may be asking, what is this strange device, and will I have to expose the wiring in the house I’m trying to sell? Possibly, depending on what percent cyborg you are.

The recharge station system is simply

Sometimes we need a little musical motivation to get us through the hard times. Packing can be a drag on your mental state, but there is a scientifically-verified way to deal with those emotions in a healthy way—listen to some tunes directly applicable to your situation! Sarcasm aside, you may be better off throwing on Guardians of the Galaxy’s “Awesome Mix” to give your mood a little boost (or, if you’re feeling epic, the often non-lyrical “Lord of the Rings” Soundtrack). But if you are the type of person that enjoys a musical backing to your activities in a way

Let me start off my saying it’s a great day in South Carolina. I love the greenery, the whole-hearted acceptance of delicious fried foods and the historical cities that make the Palmetto state memorable. There is a tradeoff, though. To have all this beauty and quaint disregard for proper nutrition, we must have our humidity and scorching summers; it’s how the universe stays in balance.

Chances are you are not willing/not planning to move to the desolate environment that is Antarctica (biggest desert on the planet, fun fact) and Mobile Attic won’t be able to deliver that far, unfortunately. We are

Moving can be a stressful time for your furry friend. The changing environment is slightly traumatic, even for a human, but your dogs have no context for what is going on. The things that made up the world around them are slowly disappearing and, before anyone knows it, they are waking up to the smell of some not so familiar carpeting with a home layout they probably would not have chosen for their dream home (they prefer something smaller and with more treats per square footage). Your dog’s stylistic tastes aside, there are a few things that may slip your

Memorial Day, while sobering, has the unique power to bring us together through tragedy and remembrance. It is a chance for us to show our appreciation to those who change our communities through valor and honor displayed on the world stage. What better way to do this than indulging in all things American?

In this hectic time of heat, rain, and moving, Mobile Attic wants to remind you to kick of your shoes occasionally: Memorial Day is the perfect time for that baseball game, barbecue, or down-to-earth gathering. The moments when you relax with friends and family are just as important

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