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We’ll BEAT Any Competitor’s Prices!

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mobile attic vs. traditional moving companies

Enter code BIGSALE for up to $125 off!*

Looking for more versatile storage solutions?

Compare Mobile Attic to Traditional Moving Companies

Looking for more versatile storage solutions?

Compare Mobile Attic to Traditional Moving Companies

How The Mobile Attic Compares to Traditional Moving Companies

Moving options haven’t always been this easy. Believe it or not, but before The Mobile Attic began portable storage for South Carolina in 2004, the options for moving were limited to things such as driving a rental truck or hiring a full-service moving company. In fact, we were one of the first to provide a new, flexible way to move that seamlessly combines moving with storage in South Carolina.

When you choose the Mobile Attic, not only will you have as much time as you need to load and/or unload your stuff, you will have us doing any and all the driving for you. Oh, and should you need storage for longer, we allow our customers to leave the container on their property for convenient 24-hour access. If you are not ready for your container just yet, we can also move the container to one of our secure Storage sites until you are ready for it.

We’ll beat any Competitor’s Price Guaranteed!
Rated #1 by Google Reviews in customer satisfaction for moving
Flexibility to pack, load, and unload at your own pace.
Damage claims are less than 1% compared to 20% in the full service industry
Your belongings are not handled and moved multiple times during the moving process
Easy access to your stuff while it's in storage
Your stuff won't be shipped in the same container as other people's
The price won't change unless your move does
New Truck In Motion

We do the driving

Driving a large rental truck is no easy feat. These trucks are huge, harder to control than a car, and more expensive to refuel, so don’t expect an easy move– especially if you are going for a long-distance or one-way trip. Also, if you are renting a truck only to just move the stuff into a traditional self-storage unit, you can spare yourself a lot of time and struggle by using Mobile Attic, since driving is included with your rental.

We drop off a portable container, you load it, then our professional drivers pick it up with one of the trucks to bring it to a secure Mobile Attic Storage Center. And when you need your stuff again, we bring the container back to you and you unload it. See how easy it is when we do all of the driving?

Storage is built-in

You may be move-in ready, but your new home isn’t. What ever shall you do? Never fear, Mobile Attic is here! We have several Secure Storage Sites where your container can be stored for as long as you feel necessary.

If you use a rental truck there are over twice as many steps; you have to pick up the truck, drive it home, load it, drive it to the facility, unload it, then return the truck. And to get your stuff out of storage, you have to repeat the whole process in reverse. On top of that, you’ll also still have to deal with those hidden expenses that come with driving the truck. Talk about inconvenient.

Moving is already stressfull in itself so don’t let a large, bulky rental truck with too many complications block the view of an easy option, a convenient option, and the better option; Mobile Attic Portable Self Storage.

Stacked Mobile Attic Containers Indoor Flipped

Who We Serve

We provide portable storage containers or mobile storage pods ® in most cities in South Carolina and parts of North Carolina, including major cities like Columbia, SC; Lexington, SC; West Columbia, SC; Cayce, SC; Ridgeway, SC; St. Andrews, SC; Greenville, SC; Greer, SC; Anderson, SC; Mauldin, SC; Simpsonville, SC; Easley, SC; Taylors, SC; Greenwood, SC; Spartanburg, SC; Wade Hampton, SC; Clemson, SC; Summerville, SC; Goose Creek, SC; Mount Pleasant, SC; North Charleston, SC; Charleston, SC; Summerville, SC and Hendersonville, NC.