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Mobile Attic: A Lower Cost & Higher Quality Portable Moving & Storage Container Alternative  

Most people have heard of PODS® in some way or another. In fact, PODS® has gotten so big that many people colloquially refer to storage containers as “Storage PODS®” or “”Moving PODS®.” In 1998 they “invented portable storage”, but like most industry-starting companies, their way of doing things eventually gave way to newer, BETTER companies which rivaled them in virtually every way. One of these companies that challenges PODS®’s dominance is Mobile Attic.

Mobile Attic is locally owned and operated and places a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction, lower cost, and superior containers. Unlike PODS®, we offer a Lowest Price Guarantee. if you find a lower price on a similar size container, we will BEAT it. With Mobile Attic, you can be certain that not only will you be receiving high quality service, but affordable service as well.



Lowest Price Guarantee
Most Weather-Resistant Containers on the Market
Constructed With Aluminum, Steel, and Fiberglass, Hindering Mold and Mildew
Containers up to 20 ft Long
No Translucent Top to Protect Against Harmful UV Rays
Cool-Temperature Technology (Helps Decrease Humidity)
Locally Owned and Operated
Most Flexible Placement
Convenient eTrack TM Strapping System