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about us

Over eighteen years ago, (March of 2004), Jeff Stallings sought out a better way to help the folks of South Carolina with their moving and storage needs. He realized that even under the best circumstances, moving to a new home – or remodeling your current home, storing your personal belongings is stressful. In fact, by most accounts, moving and/or storing your personal items is one of the top 10 stressors in life that folks experience. Jeff’s mother Kay had recently heard about a company called PODS® that was (at the time) brand new and the PODS® type concept intrigued Jeff. He wanted to find a way to help make life easier for folks going through this stressful “transition” of moving and/or remodeling their homes and so, (after a lot of research), he choose to enter a brand new field that was revolutionizing the self-storage industry called Portable Self-Storage.

From this “grass roots” beginning, Mobile Attic has emerged as a premier name in the portable self storage industry. Mobile Attic now provides “Full-Service” to the entire state of South Carolina and all surrounding areas. In addition to a heavy focus on South Carolina, Mobile Attic offers service in over 40 locations across 17 states.

He knew that the people of South Carolina needed an easy place to store their belongings during the moving/remodeling process. He also knew that most people (if given the choice) would much rather work with a local company with local ownership rather than a huge international company with call centers all over the world. He opened his first Mobile Attic Portable Self-Storage company in Columbia, SC. He now owns two additional locations, one in Charleston, SC and the other in Greenville-Spartanburg, SC. Over the last fourteen years, each of his locations has experienced consistent growth. Jeff has extensive knowledge of the portable storage industry and he desires to help others through his business.

Jeff is the son of a small business owner whose father owned a commercial construction company. Around the age of 12, Jeff discovered that he too had a passion for business and at that time began reading LOTS of business books. That passion led him to the University of South Carolina which has the top-ranked business school in the country. There he earned an International Masters Degree in Business Administration (IMBA) from both the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC and Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien in Vienna, Austria.

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Jeff Stallings


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