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Commercial Moving for Businesses


Commercial Moving For Businesses

Learn about Commercial Moving and Storage Solutions from The Mobile Attic

What type of quote do you need?

Mobile Attic

Helping Your Business Move with Ease

Mobile Attic has helped a wide array of different businesses with their moving, franchise expansion, and corporate relocation needs. Read on to learn more about how we can help your business and give you a premium moving experience. Take advantage of our commercial moving and storage solutions!

How We can help You With

Your Commercial Move

Mobile Attic Commercial Moving is Ideal for:

    • Franchising Endeavors
    • Corporate Relocation
    • Disaster Recovery & Relief
    • Inventory Exchanges
    • Restoration & Renovation Projects
    • Housing & Urban Development Programs
    • Moving Materials Between Jobsites
Mobile Attic Truck with Big Trailer at Lot

Local Moving

We’re here to help with an efficient storage solution while you sell your home. Clear your home of clutter and load it onto a Mobile Attic portable container. We’ll move it to one of our secure facilities until your home sells. When it’s time to move, your stuff will ready to go to the new house. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

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Regional Moving

Our portable storage rentals are a flexible, convenient solution for managing logistics and staying organized while you’re remodeling your home. Use your Mobile Attic container for keeping furniture and belongings out of the way and protected from debris. Keep the unit on your property for easy access or we can keep it at our facility.  The choice is yours!

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storage with your move

Downsizing your home or moving just some of your stuff? We can help.  Store as much or as little as you want in our Mobile Attic storage containers. Keep your containers in your driveway for as long as you need while you decide what to move or store. When you’re ready, we’ll pick up your storage unit and drive it where you need it to go — whether it’s our secure storage facility, to your kids in college, or to your next home.



We know you have a lot to do and Mobile Attic offers unparalleled flexibility, convenience, and control. Skip the rental truck and moving companies. Mobile Attic’s portable containers are a flexible, convenient solution for your unique move. We make moving easy by delivering your container right to your doorstep and picking it up whenever you are ready. You get the convenience of packing and loading on your time, and when you’re ready, just give us a call and let us do the driving! Regardless of your situation, Mobile Attic is here to help you by providing premium commercial moving and storage solutions!

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We will drop off your Storage unit right at your location. So you don’t have to lift a finger!

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You take your time to pack the unit. Don’t rush, get it like you want!

Mobile Attic Website Image Truck with number 3


We can pick up your storage unit and move it to your next location.

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Or we can store it in a our secure facility until you’re ready to have it delivered.

When you’re ready to move forward, begin your new journey, call us. We’ll move the storage container for you.

Find out which size is best for you

Mobile Attic Moving Container Options

Mobile Attic 8 Foot Container Website Image

8' Unit


Typically holds items for 1 to 2 rooms

Accommodates about 800 sq. ft. of livable space

Comparable to a 12′ moving truck or a 5′ x 10′ storage unit

Mobile Attic 16 Foot Container Website Image

16' Unit


Typically holds items for 3 to 4 rooms

Ideal for about 1,500 sq. ft. of livable space

Comparable to a 10′ x 15′ storage unit or a 20′ moving truck

Mobile Attic 20 Foot Container Website Image

19' Unit


Typically holds items for 4 to 5 rooms

Perfect for about 2,300 sq. ft. of livable space

Comparable to a 10′ x 20′ storage unit or a 26′ moving truck

Flexiblity and convenience

alternative to traditional movers and rental trucks

Flexiblity and convenience

alternative to traditional movers and rental trucks

We do the driving

We want to make your move easy, so leave the driving to us.  With Mobile Attic, there is no need to rent a moving truck, pay for insurance and gas while driving on unfamiliar roads.  Learn more about how Mobile Attic compares to rental trucks.

TAKE Your time

When you move, delays can happen and our team will work around your ever-changing schedule. You can keep our container as long as you like. When you are ready, we can bring the container to our secure storage facility or straight to your new home.

Hourly Labor Help

If you need help with the heavy lifting, Mobile Attic can connect you with trusted, local moving professionals in your area to pack and load our storage containers.  They can do as much or as little of the work as you would like.  Call our office if you would like a referral.


Protecting Your Things

There is no need to worry about others having access to your belongings. With Mobile Attic, your lock will be the only one on our steel-framed, weather-resistant container and only you will have the key. You have full control over who touches your things.