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Mobile Attic

Packing Tips: 
We’ve got you covered

Mobile attic packing tips:
We’ve got you covered

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  • No Food Items. Do not place food items in Mobile Attics. This helps prevent bug infestation or rodents.

  • No Combustibles. Do not store anything combustible for safety purposes such as paint thinner, gasoline, solvents, paint, etc.

  • Maximize Hidden Spaces. Large appliances make excellent “packaging cases” for blankets, towels, tablecloths, and clothes. Fill empty furniture drawers for extra space.

  • Large Furniture. Sofas and loveseats can be stored on end to save floor space. Always place a protective cover over large furniture to protect from dust or other damage while in storage. Disassemble large pieces like tables with removable legs to save space. Do not store heavy or sharp objects on top of upholstered furniture.

  • Mattresses. Keep mattresses straight to prevent them from bending and becoming lumpy.

  • Electronics. Place TV’s and other electronics in the rear of the storage space and cover them with padded blankets.

  • Strap Everything Down. Tie down all your belongings one section at a time. This helps prevent your stuff from shifting in transit and protects them from scratching. We have straps you can rent along with the container. We normally recommend using at least 4 straps for an 8×16’ unit and 6 straps for an 8×19’ unit.

  • Lock It Up. Use a good quality lock to secure your belongings. We recommend and sell circular disc locks, which are much more secure than your average padlock.

  • Inventory. Keep an inventory of everything you are going to store, what each box contains, and where you are putting them in the Mobile Attic.

  • Plan your Storage Space. Plan out where you will place groups of items in the Mobile Attic. Place items you may need access to in the front by the doorway and be sure to leave space for walkways.

  • Uniformly-Sized, Sturdy Boxes. Pack belongings in uniformly-sized, sturdy boxes for easy stacking. Keep from over-packing boxes and making them too heavy otherwise, you could possibly harm yourself trying to lift them.

  • Labeling Boxes. Label all boxes on all sides. This makes them easier to find if accessing them during storage and easier to determine where they belong when unloading.

  • Rent Small. Chose the smallest Mobile Attic that all your belongings would fully fill. Packing tight helps avoid the belongings shifting in transit.

  • Heavy Items vs Lighter Items. Plan to load heavier items so the weight is balanced throughout the Mobile Attic and so lighter items are on top of heavier items.

  • Dishes and Glasses. Wrap in paper and pack in sturdy boxes. Mark boxes as “FRAGILE.” Stack them on top.

  • Pictures and Mirrors. Wrap in cardboard, mark as “FRAGILE” and stack on end.

Mobile Attic Box with hangers and clothes

Multiple Sized Containers For the Perfect Fit…

Large 20' Container

Ideal for a 3-bedroom home, or up to 1800 sq. ft. space; Largest container in the market; Best bang for your buck.

Medium 16' Container

Ideal for a 2-bedroom home, or up to 1,000 sq ft. space; Fits in a parking spot; Comparable to a 10′ x 15′ storage unit or a 20′ moving truck.

Small 8' Container

Great for a 1-bedroom home, or 500-800 sq. ft. space; A popular choice for college students; Comparable to a 10′ x 10′ storage unit or 15′ moving truck .

The Mobile Attic Difference

Mobile Attic is locally owned and operated and we provide our customer’s with the highest quality containers in the industry.  We offer these containers to you at the best price you can find, guaranteed. Convenience with Compassion – that’s the Mobile Attic difference.

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