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A storage unit that comes to you.

Simply put, a Mobile Attic is a storage unit on wheels that can come to you wherever you are. Because we offer convenient monthly rentals, you can take your time to load the portable storage unit while it is on your property. Whenever you have finished loading your portable storage unit, we can move it to another location, store it at our secure facility, or leave it on your premises. With no “length of stay” requirements, you can end your contract with us at any point.


We keep you safe from intruders by…

  • Using sturdy materials like aluminum, steel, and fiberglass, to build our secure storage units.
  • Using a roll up metal door with an industrial metal locking mechanism to further insure your belongings safety.
  • All you need is your own padlock so that you can make sure only the people you desire have access to your storage space. Unsure which pad lock to use? Check out our Disc Pad Locks for added safety.

Have it stored on our property for additional safety:

  • We have an automated 6′ steel gate that only allows access via personal gate codes.
  • An 8′ chain link and barbed wire fence surround the entire property to keep your belongings safe.
  • 6 security cameras that keep a 30 day record of everything that happens on our property.
  • 4 bright security lights keep the area bright at night for your added safety.
  • We man the site Monday-Friday, 8-5 and perform daily walk throughs to ensure that everything is in order.

Weather Proof

Our portable storage units protect your belongings from the weather

  • We eliminate the threat of damage caused by excessive humidity by removing all wood from the construction of our portable storage units. Because wood naturally absorbs moisture, removing this from construction ensures a dryer experience for your belongings.
  • Our portable storage units stay cooler thanks to our unique reflective aluminum roofs. The aluminum roof reflects heat and disperses heat which means your belongings stay cooler in the hot summer months.
  • Our portable storage units stay ventilated by sitting 1′ off the ground. This allows positive airflow within your storage space and keeps any standing water from remaining underneath your unit after a good rain.


Mobile Attic is the most convenient way to move and store. Here are some reasons why:

  • We bring the storage to you! No need for rental trucks, multiple trips to a facility, or having to load and unload multiple times. Load only once and unload only once simply because we can bring the storage to you.
  • We can move the storage unit anywhere you need. With 3 locations in the Carolina’s we can easily serve the South East. Want to keep it on your property? Need it stored at our secure facility? No problem. Just give us a call and we can move it where you need it, when you need it.
  • Make sure your belongings stay exactly where you put them with our unique strapping system. Our e-track system means you can put a strap in almost anyplace you can imagine. Need straps? You can order them with your storage unit here.
  • Speedy delivery. Because we are a local company, we are able to service most requests within 24-48hrs. You’ll always get someone in your area, not a call center or cube-farm.
  • With an easy month to month contract, you have the flexibility to only keep the storage unit for the time you need it. If you want the added convenience, we can automatically charge your card each month so you don’t have to write a check.
  • Get set up from the comfort of your living room. No need to travel to us. We can get everything completed over the phone or the internet. Go here to get signed up or call us at (877) 423-2055.


Lowest price guarantee

  • We beat any competitors price by 5%. It’s that simple. Send the quote from our competitor that you received to storage@mobileattic.net and title the email “Beat This Quote”, or call us now at (877) 423-2055 to save some money on your storage needs.

See some ways Mobile Attics are being used:

Unexpected Events

A More Convenient Way to Move & Store

My experience with Mobile Attic was great!
I have a busy schedule. Mobile Attic knew my time was valuable, and my storage unit was delivered right on time. It was larger than the competitors storage units, and less expensive! I saved time and money with Mobile Attic.
Karla from Columbia, SC

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