New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Numerous monumental events occurred in 2015.  From the “Charleston 9 Shooting” to the “1,000 Year Flood,” South Carolina found its way into national headlines–often for sad reasons. It is here, though, on the “1,000 Year Flood” that I want to focus for a minute.

A devastating amount of rainfall pounded communities across the state into heartache.  The overflowing waters caused dams to break, releasing raging waters that wreaked havoc to everything in their paths–including the livelihoods of thousands.  The U.S., and the world, watched as residents were being rescued by boat on top of their own roofs.  Oh, the horror.  Oh, the grief.  SC Flood: Flooded Street

Emergency Service personnel from around the state worked rigorous hours to protect civilians and to mitigate the effects of the disaster. Still, 19 people died in the state, and over $1 billion worth of damage was done after over 20 inches of rainfall ended. With resolve and determination, the rebuilding process began.  Those unafflicted by the storm came to the rescue of those in need.  Thousands of volunteers from across the U.S. showed up to demolish and rebuild as the waters receded and uncovered the full extent of the damage.We saw neighbors helping neighbors and strangers helping strangers.  The Mobile Attic donated containers to store supplies for those in need, along with rushing rented containers out to houses and businesses in immediate need. South Carolina, months removed from the flooding, still feels the effect as it continues to heal.

Now, weNew Year Resolution Infographic have found ourselves in a New Year – 2016. A year of hope and renewed strength lay ahead of us.  But what about our New Year’s Resolution? Well, it’s similar to last year’s: we hope to continue growing and impacting the lives of our customers so that we can give back more to our local and global communities.  We have set our reser to provide for those in need.  We urge you to do the same!  And if your resolution sounds like ours: please don’t hesitate to join us, and we’ll meet them together.








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