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10 Reasons to Love Mobile Attic

by Feb 14, 2018

You may be wondering why this list doesn’t say “top 100 reasons to love Mobile Attic.” I appreciate your enthusiasm, and I could write a 15-volume work on the merits of Mobile Attic-brand portable storage, but the blog post is a limiting medium. In 600 words or less, I want to spread the love to both you and the google bots that crawl our page for original content (machines need love too).  For movers already initiated into the family, take a moment to think about how love is unhindered by a move. It may not feel that way sometimes, but Mobile Attic is here to remind you that love is not spatially bound.  New to the experience? I want to share with you several reasons why you should love Mobile Attic moving and storage.

  1. Convenience of portable storage. After a simple phone call, the container is dropped off at your home to be loaded up. No hassle, no excess of paperwork. We want to simplify your moving process.
  2. The local voices. It’s not a coincidence that our office and driving staff speak with a South Carolina twang; Mobile Attic employees, from the maintenance staff to your humble blog writer, live and work locally.
  3. Knowledge of the Palmetto State. Living and working in the famously hot state also means we understand the roads, layout and… peculiarities. We aren’t some call center in Arizona; we eat at the restaurants you eat at and drive down the same roads that you do. When you give us a location and placement, we’ll look at it in a way only locals can look.
  4. More value for your money. Moving isn’t exactly the cheapest thing to do. That’s what you would say if you are new to the Mobile Attic experience. Customers walk away knowing that they’ve gotten the best deal in town. Want a high-quality container for a low price? We believe in quality at an affordable price.
  5. Lowest price in town, guaranteed. Even if you find a lower price, Mobile Attic is happy to match it and beat it by 5%. Don’t worry about the moving company that got away; if you go Mobile Attic, you’ve gotten the best for less than the competition.
  6. Secure Container construction. The units are made from steel and aluminum; a powerful, industrial combination that is designed to keep your things protected.
  7. Leak checked. The containers are periodically check and repaired to put your mind at ease. We’ve eliminated wood in the containers construction, so there’s nothing to retain moisture (an important feature in this humid, South Carolina environment).
  8. Dependability. Mobile Attic can get a container to you in just 24-48 hours. We’ll schedule based on your needs because we know how important time constraints are in a move.
  9. Flexibility. Not just when it comes to time, but also the placement of the unit. Some companies have heavy restrictions on placement, but we work with you to the best of our abilities.
  10. Small business devotion. Small and locally owned, we at Mobile Attic want to do our best to express our love for our customers. We listen, and we help; that’s the Mobile Attic difference.