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3 Simple Ideas for Celebrating Earth Day

by Apr 20, 2018

With Earth day on the horizon, you may be looking for ways to give back to the great, blue planet. That is certainly admirable, but Earth day should be about inspiring permanent changes in our lifestyles that will have a ripple effect in society. What does that mean for you? Absolutely anything between organizing a community-wide 5k to cutting back the number of plastic bottles you use daily. Through your actions (if done passionately), you will inspire others to take up that same burden of love.

All that sounds great and stuff, but where to get started? Companies are blasting you with advertisements with cute illustrations of Earth and trees, while your friends may be bragging about ‘reducing their carbon footprint’; so much talk, but not much to jump off from.  Fortunately, Mobile Attic has a few ideas that will help you get the bulb growing. From one Earth enthusiast to another (or at least a planetary acquaintance), we present our list of easy, memorable activities that will turn this Earth day from a notification on your feed to a holiday in its own right!

Take a Hike!

Easy enough. Get out of town. There are plenty of locations within South Carolina that offer premier site-seeing and rock side-stepping. No matter your experience level, there are trails designed with your skill in mind (even some constructed to be wheelchair accessible). Channel your inner Henry David Thoreau and embark on a journey alongside nature. This doesn’t have to be a week-long trek of ever-deepening stages of enlightenment; just walk for a few hours to breathe the air and look at the wildlife.

The diversity of life in our own neck-of-the-woods is incredible, and that sense of wonder is 100% free. The colorful, high contrast setting has also been proven to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Put that phone on airplane mode, pack a few protein slabs in your backpack and get lost! You may return with a greater appreciation for the nature in your own local living space.

For a list of popular SC trails, visit

Cultivate a Green Thumb!

Fingers crossed, the cold days of winter are behind us. The experienced gardener knows to start the planting after Easter to avoid the frost; fortunately for you, it is certainly after Easter.  With the excitement of Earth day around the corner, it may be a good time to use that energy to start a garden. Utility, appearance, or both? Its completely up to you!

I’ve written at length about using plants as a strategic means for insect control. You may be driven by a desire for fresh, pesticide-free vegetables or by the wonderful smell of lavender and lemongrass. No matter your desire, building a garden is one of the best ways you can give back to the Earth, and to your future self. This one-off hobby where you look after a single tomato plant could transform into a lifetime passion.

Track your Waste!

It is no secret at this point: we use a ton of plastic. Literally tons of plastic every year. We toss it in the garbage and forget about it, but the Earth doesn’t because it can last up to 600 years in a landfill. Starting in our individual lives, we can take steps to reduce this problem. Keep track of the amount of stuff you are throwing away; can you put items to good use? This may come naturally if you are craftsy, but you can also consider turning garbage into compost for that garden.

There are always options when you want to cut back. To help, there are plenty of resources online that will keep track of your energy and plastic usage. Earth day may be the start of good habits when it comes to your electric bill. Consider raising the temperature on the thermostat a bit to use less air or undergo measures to insulate your house. Like many Earth day activities, the initial investment will pay off so much more in the future.

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