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3 Tips for Bringing Spring into Your Home

by Mar 23, 2018

Mother Nature is flip-flopping, not willing to commit to one season (to the horror of our poor plants). As the jackets go on sale and your lungs cling on for dear life through clouds of endless pollen, you may recognize it as that springtime mood. The season is a time of rebirth; You, being the festive sort, may want to show spring in all its glory by demonstrating this rebirth in your own home! After rearranging your closet (so that the shorts and radical graphic tees are up front) and doing a little spring cleaning (possibly with the help of a Mobile Attic unit), set that inner HGTV host in motion with some blossoming inspiration. You are the Santa Claus of the Spring, bringing cheer and merriment with cheeks like roses and an aura of pure lavender. Your workshop? Carolina Pottery, of course. And who or what would represent the good children? Well the metaphor sort of falls apart, but that would be your lovely home! Pick out your favorite ceramic bunny and stop on the side of the highway to pick some wildflowers like a mad person, because the world is changing, and so are you!

Nothing says spring like a bunch of flowers I know it’s cliché at this point, but you should be putting center pieces on pretty much everything that has a center. The big thing to keep in mind here is that you want to inject some of that Southern charm into the decorations, so think rustic. Take an old watering can; stick some flowers in it. Bam. Get some interesting rainboots; stick some flowers in them. Wham. Old birdbath bowl? You get the picture. What better way to tie everything together than to add some Yellow Jessamine to the pieces? This will give off some Carolina pride while brightening up the place. If you’re thinking about using traditional, clear vases, add some food coloring to the water to make the setup look awesome. The trick here is to use either fake flowers (bleh) or fresh flowers with a darker, bolder color. The dyed water is used up by the plant, causing the flower to turn the color of the water. For white flowers, this can happen in a matter of hours. Other flowers will keep for a day or two.

Setting the table could set the mood! Alright, so I lied. Nothing says spring like brunch. We tend to think, read, or poke around on Facebook while we eat. Sometimes it’s in our mind’s best interest if we just focus on the task at hand: enjoying the mid-morning meal, with a gallon of sun tea brewing just through the glass door. A well-organized table setting can be a great complement to that floral centerpiece in the kitchen. Set out some elegant dishware (bonus points if they have bunnies or flowers) in groups of three, as this is more pleasing to the human eye. Wrap up the utensils in some linens like a fancy restaurant and tie it up with some spring-colored twine. Maximum bonus points if you watch the color twine with the flowers on the table. For good measure, place some tea cups and a tea pot nearby so everyone knows how seriously you take the season. The morning after you complete the setup, eat brunch with the sunlight pouring over you and tell me you don’t feel like the Santa Claus of Spring.

Your bedroom needs a subtle redesign. Recreate the freshness of Spring by making your room the freshest, yo! Tear down those heavy curtains, Dracula, and put some up that have a bit of transparency. The long, sunlit days means that a large amount of natural light is yours to harness and control. Picking a nice yellow or purple means the color will blanket the room nicely in a coat of pure springtime. The change of scenery will also have the psychological effect of creating a sense of newness. This is also the time when that trip to Carolina Pottery or Hobby Lobby will pay off in dividends. Think about the throw pillows with carefully stitched images of a blooming flower or the ones with bird puns. If you don’t have at least four ceramic rabbits per room, you aren’t doing spring right. Another common design motif would be eggs; groups of robin eggs next to a centerpiece will make the whole thing seem less intrusive. Put up some artwork with worn picture frames; depicting what, you may ask? Flowers and bunnies. Always.