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4 Reasons to Choose Portable Storage

by Feb 7, 2020

Storage is an important but sometimes overlooked of organization. Only when we’re out of space and overwhelmed by clutter do we think “it would be nice to have more places to put extra stuff.” Some solve this with rented storage units, but not everyone has access to them. Or, those options are so far off it’s impractical to use them. What can you do? Try the next best thing: mobile pods!

Mobile pods function the same as a storage unit, but as you can imagine, have a better tradeoff: they can come directly to you. It sounds as convenient as it is, offering a range of benefits you don’t see with traditional storage options. We’ll go over some of the best to give you an idea if you’re interested in trying a mobile pod solution.

1 – They Come to You

As mentioned, if you’re in a service area of a mobile pod service, these storage units will come to you, whether that’s a homestead or place of work. This saves you time and money since you don’t need to spend multiple trips getting your inventory from one place to another. 

2 – Better Storage

Mobile containers aren’t just a convenient way to put aside excess inventory. Containers are designed in multiple sizes for various needs, made with stainless steel material to resist rust and weathering. This is great for a variety of uses, whether that’s putting away excess stocks for store use or if you need to put away large equipment and tools, such as those used in construction. Essentially, it means you have more storage options protected by strong containers.

3 – Saving Money

While it doesn’t cost cash to rent a mobile pod for service, you save more money since you don’t have to worry about travel. As mentioned, multiple trips rack up the gas bill, especially if a stationary storage facility is far away from your place of residence. You also have to pay for the facility, and if you can’t fit all your items in one load, that’s multiple trips back and forth to the same place. Overtime, this adds up. You can imagine the extra pocket change you’ll have without the need for so much travel.

4 – Safety

Need to store valuable property? You can have the mobile pods shipped to different locations of your choosing. You can also rest easy knowing mobile pods are well secured. Some are equipped with alarms and by virtue of design, cannot be physically broke into. It’s a good alternative for storing valuable things if you don’t have fencing available.

It’s a new decade, so why not try a different method to your traditional storage methods? If you’re low on space, get tired of tedious trips, want to save gas, or just desire convenience, mobile pods are a fantastic alternative to traditional solutions.

You can learn more about Mobile Attic’s mobile pod solutions at our website.